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Join Us For July // Looking Ahead, Issue 3

Guess what's happening this month? Wait. You already know, eh? HAPPY TWO YEAR BLOGIVERSARY DOLLS N' ALL! Actually, our blogiversary is the wonderful, amazing, incredible, fantabulous, marvelific day of... July 18! But since it's our two-year blogiversary, and we want to make this absolutely huge.... it's going to be a month-long celebration! No kidding. Are you ready for a little sneak peek of what's going to be happening? - posting every single day of July And these aren't going to just be quick little posts... they're going to be full length, best quality, featured posts - the entire month! I'm already getting excited. Want to know some of the content before hand? Yesss! This little pet project that several of you have been dying to find out about. Hint: the secret page at the top right-hand corner of the pages tab...the one with the password.... Dolls N' All Academy! How can you get into the DNA Academy? Well, let's look at part of our nex…

Picture of the Day, September 30

Picture of the Day, September 29

Picture of the Day, September 28

What's in a Name?

Picture of the Day, September 27

Picture of the Day, September 26

Movie Monday: Melody, 1963: Love Has to Win

100th Post!

Picture of the Day, September 25

Doll Mission #1

Picture of the Day, September 24

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