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Secrets & Scandals: Sneak Peek #1

And it's Light4theLord here today, ready to give a few more secrets away on my newest project that was announced in the Looking Ahead post! Essentially, you're getting a promo photoshoot in here as well, so enjoy.

Allow me to introduce to you one of our stars of this upcoming show. Welcome Elly Cole as she plays the co-starring role of... Her highness...

Princess Jacquelyn Sophania Carales of the fair but torn land of Nuvoria. I have Miss Elizabeth here today for a few questions about her new role - and make sure to ask questions in the comments for the stopmotion interview!
Elizabeth, what do you like best about the character of Jacquelyn? Well, the character herself... absolutely nothing! laughs But I have to admit I absolutely loved dressing up. Her gowns are so insanely fancy - the wardrobe designers have done an amazing job! And the jewelry and hairstyles and everything is just... stunning. Plus, who doesn't like doing tons of photoshoots? hehe... you'll see anot…

The Stars

The stars of it all, the phenomenal models and photo celebrities (at least in our little corner of the blogosphere)... the dolls of DNA!

Wow, it's been a while since I've revamped this. I mean, seriously, half of these pictures are forever old, no joke. So I thought it'd be nice if I added a little more, changed the photos, updated stuff... and added Mia and Kitrina! So now, you'll be able to figure out who's who! Also, while I have the liberty to call all of these amazing nine dolls 'mine', I've really been blessed by my sister and my awesome friend Jaimie - they've 'given' me two dolls each! Names with a * at the end are technically (she hasn't given me full possession, but they're pretty much mine) my sisters, and the names with a ` are Jaimie's which I have liberty to call mine for four years. :)

The Dolls


Josefina Ana Montoya*
Age: 15
Birthday: March 19
Gotcha Day: 12/25/09
Characteristics: serving, caring, loving, kind, cheerful, thoughtful, inviting
My favorites: I love the color green, it's so serene! Plus, according to Hope in Amy's audio dramas 'Down Gilead Lane', it's God's favorite color! He used it for trees, and grass, and so much more!  I enjoy homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Simple, but sweet. My favorite animal is an elephant.
Fun Fact: I'm from New Mexico, and I'm the only one who doesn't get burnt to a crisp at the beach!
Hobbies: reading, organizing, baking, decorating
Nickname: Josie
Dream Day: Spending time volunteering or on a mission trip with kids.
Dream Job: chef, baker, missionary
Doll type: Josefina
Sisterly Observations:
"She's the oldest but she doesn't gloat about it."
"Josie's not exactly bossy, she just likes to... delegate stuff!" (guess who that came from!)
"Extremely organized and she doesn't like it when something isn't neat."
"Josie has the most patience- she'll always listen and pay attention."
"She's a great cook!"
"Josie is someone you can go to when you need to talk. She's got great advice!"
"She's like a fountain of quotes. It's SO annoying. She's got this great quote for EVERYTHING."
"She always has everything organized and under control. She's great at telling people what to do."


Samantha Helena Parker
Age: 12
Birthday: May 26th
Gotcha Day: 4/13/06
Characteristics: shy, sweet, smart, intelligent, imaginable, likeable
My Favorites: Lavender is very calming, and the essential oil is even better.. I love cookies n' cream milkshakes, and I really like cats. They don't jump over you all the time, they're just nice and calm. 
Fun Fact: I've been published by a magazine twice, and a kids' anthology about 6-7 times.
Hobbies: reading, writing, poetry, school
Nickname: Sam
Dream Day: Getting to go to a Young Authors' Convention in Virginia, or getting my books published.
Dream Job: author, editor, teacher
Doll Type: Samantha 
Sisterly Observations:
"Samantha is a really good writer."
"She always gets straight As in everything!"
"I keep telling her that school is not a hobby."
"Samantha is kinda shy at first, but she warms up to people she likes- then she's really friendly!"
"Samantha doesn't like being the spotlight of attention, even though she's been asked to star in photo shoots and movies and stories and stuff."
"Her stories are AMAZING! If you haven't already read Journey to Fort Kernera you HAVE to go read it."
"Samantha and I actually get to study together, and that's really nice to have someone to pair up with who doesn't goof off all the time *glares at Katie*."
"Samantha is so, so, quiet. Like, literally, we have to force her to talk. She zones out really easily too..."

Juliette Brooke Albright*
Birthday: May 1
Gotcha Day: 12/25/10
Characteristics: fashionable, awesome, friendly, pretty, fun, creative
My favorites: Turquoise, hot pink, lime green and purple! I like dogs and Hawaiian monk seals- check out the baby ones! Adorb! My favorite dessert would probably be a mixture of Rolos, ice cream, cookie dough, and frozen cherries (real ones, not maraschinos).
Fun Fact: I'm a fashion fanatic. I love created outfits out of old ones, making new things, sewing, paper-crafting, and that sort of thing.
Hobbies: shopping, acting, listening to music, watching movies, computer design, fashion design, blogging,
Nickname: Julie, Jules
Dream Day: Getting to meet all of my favorite musicians and athletes and actresses. Oh, or getting to go to Hobby Lobby with my best friends with lots of money to spend!
Dream Job: fashion designer
Doll Type: Julie
Sisterly Observations:
"Juliet likes to shop... a lot."
"She'll take us with her sometimes to the mall or ice cream parlor."
"Jules is a great fashion designer- she helps me find an outfit I love every time!"
"She's got great fashion sense, and she's very creative."
"I like hanging out with Julie... even if she drags me to the mall- it's fun!"
"She goes on like, ten hour movie marathons."
"Late nights are her norm."
"She's really, really creative... but saves EVERYTHING for her ideas."

Elizabeth Renee Cole
Age: 13
Birthday: November 5
Gotcha Day: 12/25/10
Characteristics: caring, fun, friendly, serving, silly
My Favorites: I like red, I also like cheesecake and mangoes. I love all animals, but I especially like horses and dolphins.
Fun Fact: I have a pet fish named Speckle that has lived since November 2014.
Hobbies: acting, skating, reading, outdoorsy stuff, hiking, camping, horseback riding, animal training, swimming, volunteering at the animal shelter
Nickname: Elly, Beth
Dream Day: Meeting all the figure skaters I love, like Gracie Gold and Ekaterina Gordeeva, or spending all day in Hawaii helping with the nearly extinct animals called the Hawaiian Monk seals.
Dream Job: marine biologist, volunteer at animal shelters, world wildlife awareness speaker 
Doll Type: Elizabeth (retired)
Sisterly Observations:
"Elly is always ready to skate with me: rollerskates, rollerblades, ice skates!"
"We do a lot together and have fun- she's the person I'll most likely stay up until midnight with!"
"Elly likes to hike, observe nature, and camp."
"If we let her, Elizabeth would bring home every pet at the animal shelter."
"It's almost like she's got a magical touch with animals!"
"Elly is so versatile. It's crazy."
"Elly is amazing." 
Amelia Marie Sorrenson
Age: 9
Birthday: July 27th
Gotcha Day: No one knows... or remembers.
Characteristics: sweet, fun, ornery, artistic,
My favorites: Blue, scones, tea, and cats.
Fun Fact: I'm the youngest.. which means I often get my way! Oh, and I have a British accent.
Hobbies: art, playing Clue, listening to audio dramas, crafting, playing with dolls
Nickname: Amy
Dream Day: Being with my best friends and sisters playing board games, listening to music and audio dramas, making crafts, dancing to my favorite singers, painting.
Dream Job: princess, but if not that, a model or actress
Sisterly Observations:
"Thankfully, Amy shares her audio dramas."
"She's spoiled- yup, the baby. She has waaaaaaaaaay too many dresses, FYI."
"Quite a good actress, with a natural British accent and a decent American, plus she has lots of expressions."
"Sometimes we don't include her 'cause she's the youngest, but she has really good ideas and is a great artist."
"She's adorable. And, she has like the most gorgeous hair and it naturally does the beach waves and ohmygoodness it's so pretty!"
"Amy is the little princess for sure!"
"Amy hates trying anything new."
"Amelia is very, very proper and hates being the star."


Kathleen Rose Kittredge
Age: 12
Birthday: May 19th (haha- I'm a week older than Samantha!)
Gotcha Day: 5/26/16
Characteristics: funny, mischievous, clever (that one was my idea *turns to Sam "I'm NOT putting prideful in there!"*), athletic, bouncy, optimistic, impatient
My favorites: Color! Like... pink and blue and red and green and.. anything but black- it's so boring and dull! And light blue, and yellow. Animals are awesome- in general. I really like dogs 'cause they play with you. I also love marine animals! And baby animals... and non-poisonous animals... and baby animals...My favorite food is called dessert. But.. if that doesn't count, I like tropical stuff and spicy things!
Fun Fact: I love being happy! I also like having my way.. and playing games like Capture the Flag and the Ultimate Hide and Seek, and Frisbee, and a game I invented with my sisters called 'Chase Katie up the tree until she's too high for anyone to catch her so she starts laughing really hard and falls out of the tree and then you tag her'. I also am very adventurous. So what if I'm a little timid at first- hang out with me for about an hour and you'll either 1. regret it or 2. know I drag people into dangerous (ahem, fun!) stuff.
Hobbies: all sports (gymnastics, skating, soccer, swimming, volleyball, running, do you get the point yet?!), playing jokes on other people, sneaking up on people and scaring them (at this point, Sam intervened: 'Katie! That's not a hobby!' Katie: 'Well, neither is school- that is TOTALLY not a hobby!' and they proceeded to argue so I (L4TL) finished it off for her - I still don't think she realizes what I did!)
Nickname: Katie, Kit-Kat
Dream Day: Sugar! Everyday... playing games all day... eating popcorn and watching movies.. laughing at (or with!) people!
Dream Job: Uh... do I have to add one that makes me work? If so, I guess it'd be a stunt actor. I'd like being an athlete better though.
Doll Type: Kit Kitteredge (rescued from Ebay)
Sisterly Observations:
"Katie's a great addition to the family adventures and all!"
"Curl her hair and call her Shirley Temple."
"If I had a choice, I would NEVER share a room with her. She wants every animal to come in and play!"
"Katie does anything anyone wants her to... as long as it's not something bad, or boring, or sad, or harmful.."
"A optimist and someone who wants her way!"
"A Little OVER adventurous, but really fun to be with!"
"Katie is crazy. Just plain weird. :D"
"Katie is very.... busy. And athletic.

Madelon Sarah McCormick
Age: 13
Birthday: January 23
Gotcha Day: 12/25/16
Characteristics: decisive, somewhat bossy, a perfectionist, graceful, readily helpful, full of ideas, eager
My favorites: My favorite colors are teal, pink, and gold. I like chipmunks.... they're really cute! I think that my favorite fruit is pineapple and cherries and papaya. I also like ice cream.
Fun Fact: I have several birthmarks on my face. I've been taking pictures since I was eight, and I'd rather be behind the camera than in front of it!
Hobbies: photography, blogging
Nickname: Madi
Dream Day: Taking pictures of anything and everything. That'd be fun!
Dream Job: I'd like to be a missionary doctor with my pilot's license.
Doll Type: Kirsten
Sisterly Observations:
"Madelon is a sweet, thoughtful, imaginative and responsible girl. I'm glad to have her as my sister."
"She loves pink, how can that possibly be bad?!"
"Madi goes along with everything and is always willing to help!"
"I like it that Madi plays with me and tries new things."
"She's smart and she's a good blogger."
"A wonderful artist at photography!"
"Her blog is really great!"
"Her photography is absolutely AMAZING!"

Mia Elise St.Clair `
Age: 12
Birthday: April 18
Gotcha Day: well, I don't know when Jaimie adopted me, and the official fostering process with L4TL took a while. So...
Characteristics: perfectionist, graceful, friendly
My favorites: watercolor pink is so pretty, and a light blush color.. for some reason, I love butterflies. They're just so graceful and carefree... I like strawberries, cherries, and raspberries the very best!
Fun fact: I GOT TO MEET DELANEY CLARK! yes, and we wrecked the AG store together. :) Oh, and Madi used to be the official 'dancer' of the family until she introduced it to me and I loved it and she resigned. :)
Hobbies: dance
Nickname: Wow. Can you shorten Mia?! Okay, M? Or Mi. But that sounds really conceited.
Dream Day: dancing as Clara in the Nutcracker. Absolutely awesome.
Dream job: principal dancer with the NYC ballet.
Doll Type: Mia, GOTY 2008
Sisterly Observations:
"So like... Mia is epic."
"She's very, very graceful."
"So photogenic." (guess who!)
"A wonderful dancer who follows her dream!"
"She's the kind of girl who isn't going to stop dancing - ever."
"She's very, very pretty. And her hair is ah-mazing."
"She's the best sister ever and never leaves me."
Kitrina Lynne Myka Meltsner
Age: 10
Birthday: September 3
Gotcha Day: No idea. First I was Kate's, then Grace's, and then Jaimie's and now L4TL! 
Characteristics: smart, quick-witted, brilliant
My favorites: bright red and black, elephant (they're supposed to be smart), and almonds. Brain food, you know.
Fun fact: I'm two grades ahead, so I'm in the same class as Mia, Samantha, and Katie. I share a first middle name with Jaimie, and my other middle name is a variation of Mica (Mica, Mika, Myka).
Hobbies: academics
Nickname: Kit.
Dream Day: becoming the president of the United States. Or winning the Nobel prize.
Dream job: President of the United States.
Doll Type: Kit
Sisterly Observations:
"She's just so smart."
"I don't get the two middle names."
"If we ever need homework help, ask Kitrina. She's doing algebra and geometry at ten."
"Kit and Katie are SO confusing."
"An ALL A's girl... in AP classes."
"Highly impressive."
"Likable, but brilliant. Simply brilliant."
"She's the best sister ever and never leaves me."

Each of the dolls represents me in a small part, my hobbies, favorites, and dream days!
Josefina: Baker
Samantha: Writer
Juliette: fashion designer and creative crafting
Elizabeth: animal lover
Amelia: artist
Kathleen: athlete
Madelon: photographer
Mia: dancer
Kitrina: scholar

My Dolls' Pets and Dolls

Birthday: June 22
Her favorites: chew toys, outside, food
Fun Fact: Honey came from Sam's Club, and my little brother bought her for me!
Hobbies: chasing someone until they play, eating, sleeping, snuggling, walking Elizabeth, clowning around, chewing anything and everything
Nickname: When did dolls start giving dogs nicknames?!?! Ho-ney is what everyone calls me when they want me to call.
Dog Type: Golden Retriever

Guest Dolls

Elizabeth Marie Cole

Age: 13
Birthday: November 5
Gotcha Day: March 20, 2010
Characteristics: sweet, introvert, gentle, intelligent,
My Favorites: My favorite color is pink, my favorite food is cake (all kinds!), and my favorite animal is a bunny - so cuddly! 
Fun Fact: She has read a 30 chapter book in two hours.
Hobbies: loves to read, likes to paint, sleep
Nickname: Kristy
Dream Day: sitting by myself in a treehouse reading a book and drawing, swinging, with unlimited cake..
Dream Job: librarian
Doll Type: Elizabeth
Sisterly Observations:
“She’s always ready to give some good advice, though it takes a while to get it out of her.”
“She always has her nose stuck in a book.”

 Felicity Grace Merriman

Age: 13
Birthday: April 21
Gotcha Day: December 25, 2011
Characteristics: spunky, energetic, smart, kind
My Favorites: purple, chocolate, horses
Fun Fact: Lissie has done a handstand on the back of a horse before.
Hobbies: climbing trees, riding horses, swimming
Nickname: Lissie
Dream Day: Riding horses along a beach, hiking a mountain, having a barbecue with all my friends.
Dream Job:  being a horse therapist
Doll Type: Felicity
Sisterly Observations:
“She’s always ready to make us laugh.”
“Her jokes are always terrible.”

Caroline Faith Abott
Age: 12
Birthday: October 22
Gotcha Day: December 25, 2013
Characteristics: fun, adventurous, sweet, honest,
My Favorites: aqua-marine blue, shrimp, dolphin
Fun Fact: Has sailed a boat all by herself.
Hobbies:boat riding, swimming, snorkeling, collecting seashells, running
Nickname: Carol
Dream Day: Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii.
Dream Job: marine biologist
Doll Type: Caroline
Sisterly Observations:
“She always smells like salt water and fish.”
“She’s very knowledgeable about marine life.”

Grace Pauline Thomas
Age: 12
Birthday: September 17th
Gotcha Day: 6/10/15
My Favorites: Purple and teal, I like cupcakes and any other baked good. My favorite animal is a sea turtle.
Fun Fact: I was GOTY in 2015.
Hobbies: baking
Nickname: Gracie
Doll Type: Grace Thomas, GOTY 2015

Noelle Joy Lancer
Age: 10
Birthday: November 30
Gotcha Day: 6/10/15
My Favorites: My favorite color is red, I like horses, and I love Chips Ahoy Cookies
Fun Fact: I compete on horseback.
Hobbies: reading, horseback riding, dancing lessons, having tea with her friends
Nickname: Noey



  1. Oooh! I loved the sneak peeks of the beach photoshoots, and I LOVE Elizabeth's profile pic! It's sooo cute and perfect!


    1. You really think so? Yay! I love her picture too! If the internet keeps up this whole super fast uploading pictures, the photoshoots might be next!

    2. I totally agree about Elizabeth's profuse pic! It's pure perfection.

    3. Profile, not profuse! Stupid autocorrect.

    4. Thanks, Izzy! I love it and I think it's one of the best during the entire day (though I didn't intend for it to be at first!)!

  2. Wow! I like the changes! Looks great!
    ~ Taryn

    1. Thanks, Taryn! I'm still working on the backgrounds, and I'm very excited!

  3. stunning photos!! all your dolls are beautiful. :)


  4. I think Melody looks really pretty, and I love Grace!

  5. I love the changes you have made on your blog .

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you! Keep an eye out for more from that photoshoot!

  7. Congrats on getting your own profile Madi!

    ~ Taryn

  8. This 'meet' page is so well done L4TL! Every picture of the dolls is beautiful Your such a great photographer!


    1. Thank you so much! You are an amazing photographer and blogger as well!

  9. I thought I should let you know that it still says Madelon is twelve.

  10. Kanani's picture isn't showing up.


    1. Hmm... I don't see why not. It's working fine for me... if anyone else has trouble with it, I'll try reuploading it if I still have it in my original files.

  11. Delaney:"Fun fact: I GOT TO MEET DELANEY CLARK! yes, and we wrecked the AG store together." HEHE YES YOU DID. AND HEHE HI MIA. I heard you're the star of the new DNA Christmas photostory series! I'm the star of Madison's Christmas photostory series too. Epic.


  12. Hi!

    Your blog is great! You were right, our dolls are very similar. Following!

    Doll the Time


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