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Applaud for April // Looking Ahead, Issue 4 (VII)

*is way too tired to actually write this post so you get to read this little blurb about how lazy I am instead and pretend you just read a huge post about how awesome april is. you may applaud at any time* Nah, just kidding. I'm tired. Yes. BUT NEVER TOO TIRED FOR BLOGGING (hahahha suuuuure) or procrastinating.. like I've been doing for the past three days.. *cough cough* ********************************************************* HAAAAAAAAAPPY EASTER! Christ is risen! While you go hunting eggs or *cough cough* eating chocolate malted eggs (like the ones in the below picture - did you know those were actual chocolates? Or did I tell y'all in that post? XD I should read my old archives sometime. *cringes* But I remember so much about each photoshoot... this blog is so full of memories for me! ), remember that Christ died and rose again - for you! Do you have any special Easter plans to celebrate Resurrection Day? Well, whatever you do, you should definitely check out …

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