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life ~ a photostory

  ~ a life update in the form of a photostory ~ this is truly Julia's aesthetic, entirely by accident, most of her closet is blue and white stripes. she's always either wearing her airplane propeller necklace or her dream necklace, wearing double dutch braids.  Once upon a time, there was a girl named Julia. She was a dreamer, one with a good imagination and wide horizons. Some of her happiest days as a teenager were spent taking photos of dolls, lying in the street to get the perfect angle. Her dolls were like built in friends, companions wherever she went, on trips and vacations and outings.  As she grew up, Julia grew busier and busier, and high school was a lot of work. But she had goals and she did everything she could to reach them. One of them was graduating two years early, which took up a lot of time and energy. After hours upon hours of studying, she finally graduated.  Taking a gap year beginning in 2020, the weirdest year of the century, she had no lack of other thi

The M&M Show: Uh-oh...

Mia, Mia, what's wrong?!
*sniffles* It's... it's... our last episode. *sobs*
Oh yeaaah.... *cries with Madi*
*sigh* Sorry about that, ya'll. It's just really sad 'cause we've had so much fun with this. I REALLY DON'T WANT TO LEAVE YOU ALL!
How about this? If you want us to make perhaps a monthly segment.... comment below with 'THE M&M SHOW FOREVER!'
Or something like that. Okay! Now I'm happy again. So... who wants to read a nice little story?
We thought it was about time that we posted the adventure in the 'dining plaza' (as they called it) when we met up with the phenomenal..
superbly magnificent and amazing...
purely AWESOME...
Taryn and Delaney!
Ready? Keep reading!
*note change of format*

Madi: *narrating* The five of us, after the initial meeting at the AG store, went to the food court. There, of course, Madison and Light4theLord duly insisted upon a group photo.
We all stood in a line, facing the camera and phone, with smiles plastered on our faces.
 It was pretty epic.
Suddenly, Light4theLord, being her usual bossy self, instructed Madison to come around behind us and photobomb our wonderful picture so as to prove that we were together and Taryn and Delaney weren't just some weird imposters.
Light4theLord was simply enthralled by the fact that she was taking pictures of the famous Taryn and Delaney and couldn't get over it. Before Delaney and Mia disappeared and Madison went after them, Taryn, being her sweet self, willingly modeled for photos.
Madison told Delaney to join the photo, which obviously (being Delaney, duh) didn't make Del happy. Especially since she had to wear those 'horrific sparkling ear thingys' to quote directly from the star of epicness... or so she calls herself.
Delaney grudgingly allowed a photo, only because she wanted it to be captioned 'The Epic One.' Whatever.
Light4theLord happily instructed the sisters on how to pose, and I snapped a few shots as well:
After a few minutes of Del complaining about 'stardom', Elizabeth and Taryn were taken to a nearby palm tree (seriously, who puts palm trees in the middle of a food court dining plaza?) for a photoshoot.
Light4theLord was constantly in awe of Taryn's gorgeously curly hair and was overjoyed when she was given the privilege of styling it.
A few minutes later, Elly excused herself to go finish her lunch (which, I might add, had been rudely interrupted by cameras) while Taryn complied to more photos.

Madison, sadly, didn't bring her camera, so she carefully borrowed Light4theLord's to take this shot:
An added extra by me:
Del: Come on, Mia, come on up higher!
Mia: I'm coming, I'm coming.
The two dolls scrambled up the side of a metal design that was a fancy something or another, much to the amusement of several befuddled onlookers.
Del: Wow, there's a great view from here!
Her feet were precariously perched on the thin railing of the metal bars, and the two mischievously ignored the calls of Light4theLord and Madi.
A few minutes later, the two graduated to climbing along the rim of a border in the sitting area.
Mia leaned over the side, viewing the scenery below.
Delaney, of course, strolled along on the narrow edge daringly.
Mia stepped along behind her.
Del: Mia, can you whistle? *whistles*
Mia: *as they walk* Ummmmm... *blows out air* Nope.
Del scrambled over the other side, headed for the food court.
Mia: Where are you going?
Del: To cause more mischief, what else?
Mia followed after Del as she ran along the tops of the tables.
Del: Hurry up!
Mia: Whatever, Miss Impatient. I'm going at my own speed.
Mia: You're so bossy.
Del: I'm not bossy.... yes, I am. Nevermind.
Del: Okay, okay. Fine, Mia. I'm bossy.
Mia: Finally, truth.
Del: This summer, experience awesomeness with Del Danger Clark and Mia - Mia, what's your middle name?
Mia: Best.
Del: What?!
Mia: If you get to make up yours, I get to make up mine. Seriously though, your middle name is quite awesome.
Del: It's definitely not.
Mia: Yeah, it's A-DARING! *cracks up*
As this conversation occurred, the two crept stealthily through the fake shrubs.
Mia: We should start our own spy club.
Del: Done.
Mia: Seriously?
Del: Nope.
Mia: Del, HIDE!
Del: Why, bossy? Ooooh. Uh, HI MADISON *whomp*
Mia: Del, did you seriously just knock her out cold?
Del: No. I knocked her out hot.
Mia: What-ever. Let's go.
Del: Okay. Follow me!
Soon they plopped down on one of the leather couches, totally chillaxing awesomely.
Del: These rolly-pillow things are awesome! *bounces up and down and slides down side*
Del: I'm awesome.
Mia: And conceited.
Del: Nope, just honest!
Mia: Moving on... DOLLY TAKEOVER!
Del: This is epic, isn't it?
Mia: (from background) Whatever.
Mia: Uh-oh... we're in trouble
to be continued in... FRENZY IN THE FOOD COURT!


  1. THE M&M SHOW FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those pictures of Taryn are GORGEOUS! Del and Mia are pretty epic.
    I love the Orlando AG store. I've only been once, but the Orlando mall is epic. Hopefully I can go more often since I'm not that far from it...


    1. YAY!
      I agree. They are! :) You should go more often! ~ Madi

  2. THE M&M SHOW FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That's awesome! I like when they were climbing up the metal thingy ;) YES!!! THE M&M SHOW FOREVER!!!

  4. M&M Show Forever!
    But seriously that's not epic. I could totally do that too... ;)
    ~ Taryn

    1. I'm thinking that there *might* be a new year's episode. :D


  5. M&M Show Forever!

    Great shots of the meet up.

  6. M&M show forever!
    Delaney's hilarious!
    Love the pics!
    (Wow, all those sentences ended with an exclamation point... 😂)

  7. THE M&M SHOW FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That looks like so much fun!
    I love the 44th picture!

  8. I love the M and M show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M and M show forever!

  9. AHHH I NEVER SAW THIS! :O AHAHAH IT WAS SO FUNNY. Everything is EXACTLY what Del would say, oh my gosh I'm laughing so hard THIS IS PERFECT. And your photos are SO. EPIC. (see what I did there) You got such epic lighting!! My iPhone did not get such great lighting. XDD

    Ahh, such great times! <3 Now to convince my parents to take me to you guys!


    1. WHAAAAAT?!?! XD Blame it on the reader. :D *smirks* *I* know Del. And besides WHO ARE YOU TO SAY SHE DIDN'T SAY THAT?! Epic is as epic does. *hairflip*

      Uh, YEAH! We're TOTALLY worth the hours and hours of detour!
      ~ Mia


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