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Springing Into May // Looking Ahead, Issue 1

Guess what? It's less than a week until May! Isn't that great? Uh, yeah. This is Jules again. I'm on this whole posting spree (mwuahahahaha....) and I'm loving it! Actually, I'm not the only one who will be writing this post - my sisters Madi, Sam, and Katie are here too! We each have something very special to announce. Ready? I get to go first, and I'm super duper excited! This weekend I have invited ten girls (not including me, but including my sisters) to have a fashion party, a movie night, and a sleepover on Friday! I'm so, so, super excited! My birthday is actually on May 1, which is probably when L4TL, Madi, or I will post about the party. But this is going to be so super fun! We're going to make our own runway outfits (design them, choose the fabric, and EVERYTHING!), have our hair done by L4TL, walk the runway, design movie covers, practice our star signatures, have a movie marathon, stay up late, play games, eat cake and popcorn and chocolate …

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