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past the perfectionism | the return

For months, I've been saying, "I miss my dolls. I miss DNA so much."  For months, I've been telling myself that I'll get around to it. For weeks I've been saying WILL THIS STUPID RAIN STOP SO I CAN GET SOME PHOTOS (henceforth why you get to see a really old picture in the featured image *insert eyeroll* Anyways. The point is, I've missed everyone so much. I've missed my dolls, I've missed all my amazing doll blogger friends, I've missed everyone else's dolls, I've missed the whole doll blogosphere (which is sadly getting smaller BUT I'M NOT GIVING IN). I did a post like this last year... and the year before... and hey, you know what, I'm going to miss some weeks this year, some posts are going to be late, my photos aren't going to be karaleels standard. But that was my problem. I wanted e v e r y t h i n g to be absolutely perfect, I wanted each photoshoot to be professional, each photostory to p

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