Monday, March 27, 2017

Your Opinion

It matters.
Especially now. :)
So, I've already got two of the things for one of the big surprises that I clued in the feature post (check the sidebar if you're not on the mobile version).... but I need your opinion.
Really and truly, would it be helpful if one of the prizes was tips about photography/blogging? Am I good enough, or is that a really bad idea? I really and truly want your honest opinions.
Just answer this one question in the comments below:
If a prize for a contest was that you could have a month of asking me (L4TL) any blogging/photography questions, would you enter?
~ L4TL

Sunday, March 26, 2017


I'm starting to calm down right now. I'm pretty scared, actually.
If you're reading this, please send up prayers for my little sister Melody whom I've posted pictures of before.
This sweet little girl had a febrile seizure about forty-five minutes ago. My parents are in the ambulance with her, headed to the hospital with the amazing EMTs who I am SO thankful for right now.
 Prayers would be greatly appreciated for especially little Melody as well as the rest of the family, as this was a very frightening experience. Thank you! I am so thankful for you guys!
~ LIght4theLord
UPDATE: She did indeed have a febrile seizure due to the high fever she had been running for a day or two. They did some testing at the hospital, but she doesn't have the flu or anything (thankfully!) so it must just be a viral thing. According to my dad (pray that he gets caught up on his rest today!), she was cool this morning and seemed fine. She's sleeping now - thank you all for your prayers! You guys are amazing!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Amy the Artist

This is for AGDollAwesome's Photoshoot Competition
Theme: Ombre


Do you like her ombre painting?

And yes, her skirt is ombre. :)

I actually made a checklist to make sure I got plenty of points for Team Gabby! #goteamgabby
- her skirt and painting were ombre
- ehish on thinking outside of the box, but...
- her skirt!
- irishluckbraid
- tried to do my best!
- in like, three pics
- done!
Hope you enjoyed that! Amy is gorgoues, in my opinion!
~ Light4theLord

ATTN: DOTM Announcement

No, I'm not announced April's DOTM (though I already have several  good candidates) yet....
I wanted to tell you guys what turns me away from choosing the top five DOTM possibilities, or what attracts me. So, here are some tips on how to get your doll as DOTM!
1. I check your blogs and the examples of your writing/photography. If I see that the blog doesn't have much put into it, no time, no quality.... I know that DOTM won't be very important to that person. I look at the blog dates, and if I see that you haven't posted in several weeks (or months) or aren't very consistent, that turns me away because of inconsistency.
2. If you've already had one doll as DOTM (only two allowed per person to actually BE a DOTM - you can enter as many as you'd like) and haven't responded to my emails within one or two days, or didn't care about your doll being DOTM (which I thought was pretty important - it would be to me!)... that discourages me.
3. I love seeing well loved dolls - but I definitely don't tolerate horrid hair, messy pictures, or sloppy scenes. Ever.

I have to admit I was really sad and rather disappointed that our March DOTM didn't have more than one post (yeah, she had her 'introductory' one, but it was just copied and pasted from the blog as an emergency backup) even though I was really looked forward to seeing her - and I was sure you guys did too!
Anyways, if you'd like to enter your doll as DOTM (even though I just bombarded you guys with qualifications... hehe, sorry!)
I can't wait to see the April DOTM! I'm ready for spring!
~ Light4theLord

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Save Our Shelter: The Beginning, Part 1

Save Our Shelter - Part 1

I walked quickly backwards, talking a mile-a-minute.
"I am so excited to take you guys there!" I was talking of course, to Katie and Madi, who had joined me on my trip to the animal shelter, Dare 2 Care.
Madi laughed, her camera swinging around her neck.
"I'm excited to come with you!" Katie nodded in agreement, turning a cartwheel.
A little while later, I led them into the grassy yard of the animal shelter, where they were greeted by animals of all shapes, sizes, and colors. It was mainly a huge place for them to play, but there were a couple benches here and there.
Madi and Katie looked around eagerly as I pointed to several pets and told their stories.
"They're so a-dor-a-ble!" Katie exclaimed.
"I know, right?!" I giggled.
I rubbed the head of the dog that bounded up to me and jumped around, barking eagerly and wagging its tail happily.
"Hey there, Rolo," I greeted him, a huge grin on my face. I loved being at the shelter, because it always made me so happy.
"Rolo?" Madi giggled, snapping a picture. "As in, the chocolate?"
"Yes, and no," I explained, laughing with her. "He's always getting all dirty from rolling in the mud, but he looks like a delightful piece of chocolate so..."
Katie plopped down beside some other dogs, which met her with curiosity before bounding around her begging her to play.
Soon, the three of us found our places, with Madi snapping pictures of the adorable animals as often as she could.

Katie raced around the grassy yard, chasing and being chased by playful pups.
I sat down on one of the nearby park benches, playing with Rolo and snuggling with other pets.
After about an hour, I gathered my sisters to go. Madi insisted on a selfie.
"I am so glad we came!" Katie exclaimed. "Let's do it again!"
"Yes, I got a ton of fantastic shots," Madi chimed in. "I can't wait to come again!"

I was surprised and startled by a hand on my shoulder that didn't belong to any of my sisters.
"I'm afraid you won't be able to for to much longer."
Even though I was stunned, I still remembered to introduce my sisters.
"Katie, Madi, this is Ashlynne Worthington. She's the director of Dare 2 Care. Ashlynne, these are my adopted sisters Katie and Madi."
It was there that Katie interrupted me.
"Why did you say that, Miss Worthington?" Katie asked impudently.
"Call me Ashlynne," the other girl said. "I said that... because the shelter is closing."