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Yes indeed! For the first time that I have witnessed, a doll blog has it's own rewards program! I'm very, very excited about this program, and I hope you are too! In my excitement about this program release, I'll try not to repeat myself or become too confusing. If I do, just ask me any questions in the comments below! HOW IT WORKS: You, as a valued and amazing reader of Dolls N' All, can now sign up (instructions below) to join the Dolls N' All Rewards program. You'll earn points doing various things (point earning list below) such as following or subscribing to Dolls N' All, sharing a favorite post, commenting, etc. Fixed point amounts will go along with each action. Also, on special days such as 'National Doll Day' or our blogiversary, or possibly Christmas, we'll distribute 'point gifts'. DOTMs will receive a special amount of points as well. Once you hit certain amounts of points, you'll receive 'Reward Credits' which yo…

Mosquito Bites, Bee Stings - Happy Blogiversary!

The original title for this post was:
Bee Stings, Six Episodes, Mango Smoothies, Mosquito Bites // how i celebrated my blogiversary
But I kinda figured it was too long.
Oh, but....
Two years. 2,127 comments. 24 followers. 30 subscribers. 312 posts. 45,646 views. 9 dolls. 1 girl.
Wow. And so many friends that I can't even count.
I. love. blogging. It's simply part of me!
But, I need to explain why this post is being posted at.... um, 9:03. Oh, but it's only 5:03 for some of ya'll!
Wanna know how I spent my wonderful day?
Let's get started.
9:00 A.M. - slept in 
Being able to get up late is really nice. I'm rather sad about school starting, but I'm trying to look forward to it. It was worth staying up late last night - my sister and I were laughing so hard that we were repeatedly told to go to sleep but we couldn't stop laughing. It was her fault. She said she loved my laugh and then I told her that when I got a phone, she should set my laugh as her ringtone for me. And then of course, that started us on 'what if it rang during a solemn funeral? Or when someone is telling you a very important secret?' Yeah.
11ish (???) A.M. - smothered and smuffled with shoeboxes
I had the most fun EVER. I sorted clothes, school supplies, wrapped soap bars in washcloths, and decorated shoeboxes on the back porch! I smothered and smuffled until a genius family member brought out a fan. XD But I loved it. I can't think of a better way to spend my blogiversary than packing shoeboxes for 100 Dolls 4 100 Girls. It was incredible. And... very addictive. I packed the first three shoeboxes of the one hundred and videoed them! Those will hopefully be posted on YouTube soon. I got so engrossed in my work that I skipped lunch. I listed to like, 5 or six Adventures In Odyssey episodes. 'The Top Floor' is so awesome! Anyways, I worked for about 5 hours. Straight. And I would have gone longer, but then..
5:00 P.M. - swam
Have you noticed that all of my activities are starting with the letter S? Anyways, we went to a friend's saltwater pool (amazing!) and swam for a while (IT WAS SO COLD AT FIRST AHHH!). And then of course, what happened? Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... ought to give you a clue. Yup, I got stung right on my shoulder. Note to self - don't wear a swimsuit that is flowery. Argh.
7:30 P.M. - shot
Oh. I just realized I haven't eaten dinner yet. Whoops. Anyways, as soon as we got home, I didn't take a shower because of a lovely water leak that my wonderful father has been working on all day. Anyways, I dressed and hairstyled 9 lovely dolls, found shoes for 6 of them, and then carried them all outside and took family pictures. And THAT is what I want to show you! (also, I umm.. had like three mosquitoes on my arm within an inch of each other at one time. I threw on a long-sleeved shirt - IN THE MIDDLE OF JULY.) Pesky mosquitoes.
Ready for family pictures?! You may applaud my mosquito battle bravery at any time.
Well, you'll have to wait. See you in a little while with family portraits!
~ Light4theLord
photographer of the stars (bitten up photographer)


  1. Oooh! Looks like fun! Well, except for the bugs, that is. I can't wait for the family pictures! That seems fun! I bet they turned out super cute!

    P.S. Do you watch Descendants? Cuz, it's great!

    1. Very fun! Yes, those pesky little things... :)
      P.S. No, I haven't...

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary, Light4theLord! :D I'm glad you had a good day.
    So do you have the Top Floor CD or are you part of the Odyssey Adventure Club? I agree, The Top Floor is really great-Eugene is always so funny. ;)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Thank you! Actually, I think my sister has the CD - we had OAC for a while but ended last year. I used FAIO.. Eugene is great! I really like how Jason is like, 'You would've been right about two hours ago.' in response to Eugene saying that Jason isn't an agent anymore. XD

    2. You're welcome! Oh, that's too bad that you're not part of the club anymore. We never were, so we just listen to the episodes every day on used to listen on a real radio, but not anymore). Hehe, Jason is just great! One of my favorite parts of Top Top Floor is when he says "time for the moment of truth." :)
      ~Christian Homeschooler

  3. SQUEEEEEEE! I love Dolls N' All so much!! I can't believe it's been two years since it started! :') Soooo many amazing posts and pictures and EVERYTHING -- and do you remember when we did the CCC? -- that was AWESOME. SO much fun. Can we do it again!? :D I dunno what I'll be doing this Christmas but if we can do it again that would be SO AWESOME.

    Sounds like you had a fun day in spite of the bites and stings... ahh... XD

    Happy two-year blogiversary, Dolls N' All. <3


    1. AWW THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I totally remember, I loved it!! We SHOULD! That would be a LOT of fun!

  4. Wow the thing with the bees sounds terrible! I love your blog, you do such a good job and I can't wait to see more of it. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!!

    1. Yes, it was rather ouch-ish. :) Thank you, Katie! :)

  5. The Top Floor is such a great AIO episode! And mosquitoes are the worst...

  6. Congratulations on 2 years of AWESOME!!!!!!!!!


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