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The Joys of January // Looking Ahead, Issue 1 (VII)

 It's 2018!

*inhales happily* A year of fresh starts. 2017 was pretty good - two new additions to our family, Mia and Kit!
I know this is a 'Looking Ahead', but I want to look back over 2017 briefly and choose my favorite post from each month!

January - The Ice Princess Probably one of my favorite photoshoots EVER.
February - I STILL Love AG And I'm Proud of That
Wow. This one got a LOT of views... and went pretty crazy.
March - Spending a Day in Space
 I loved making this: the foil and improvised spacesuit, the moonsand, the foil landing pad.... the flag... EVERYTHING WAS SO FUN!
April - 6 Tips on How to Be a Doll Celebrity XD XD This one was one of my pet projects. It's like, a sarcastic poke of fun at celebrity stuff.... May - Mia and Star Another photoshoot. How original... June - Adventure in the Attic
This was so much fun to do - it took like, two hours in 100+ degree summer attic weather. *swelters at thought* But it was TOTALLY worth it. :) July - Triple…

Never Apart - Maybe In Distance, But Never At Heart ~ An AGPS ~

Friends forever, never apart
Maybe in distance, but never at heart.
- unknown

- a doll's best friend -

- someone to watch you, someone to care -

- someone to listen, someone who's there -

- someone to encourage, someone to help out -

- someone who knows you better than anyone else -

- someone who doesn't care if you goof around -

- someone who'll walk you through life's biggest times -

- someone who joins you on every adventure -

- someone to keep you from going too far -

- someone to chill with, just hanging out -

- someone who's like you, in almost every way -

- someone who shows you the little things in life -

- someone who opens your eyes to delight -

- someone who's courageous, brave and bold -

- someone to balance you when you go overboard -

- someone to coach and to advise each time -

- someone to guide you through unknown territory -

- someone who adds so much to your life -

- someone who urges you to try new things -

- someone to scout out what to do next -

- someone who imagine new things to create -

- someone who's just ready for you -


friends forever, never apart
maybe in distance but never at heart.



  1. Replies
    1. Everything except for the quote, I think I saw it on Pinterest. :D

  2. This photoshoot is adorable!
    The poem really reminded me of my BFF because she lives over 700 miles away but we're still really good friends and Skype many times a week!

    1. Thanks! I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Yes! I know exactly what you mean - I have a lot of long distance friends that I only see once every few years!

  3. Cute post ! I love Grace's beanie !

    1. Thanks! It's adorable, isn't it? It's Julie's Pre-Beforever Meet outfit hat.

  4. This is a wonderful post. Very well written. My best friend is on the west coast; we get to see each other now and then. She is everything listed here. :-)

    1. Thank you. :) Best friends are truly a gift!

  5. These pictures are adorable. I love everything about them. The writing was beautiful. You're so lucky to have Mia and Grace for the summer. Again, I loved your pictures, as always.



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