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Secrets & Scandals: Sneak Peek #1

And it's Light4theLord here today, ready to give a few more secrets away on my newest project that was announced in the Looking Ahead post! Essentially, you're getting a promo photoshoot in here as well, so enjoy.

Allow me to introduce to you one of our stars of this upcoming show. Welcome Elly Cole as she plays the co-starring role of... Her highness...

Princess Jacquelyn Sophania Carales of the fair but torn land of Nuvoria. I have Miss Elizabeth here today for a few questions about her new role - and make sure to ask questions in the comments for the stopmotion interview!
Elizabeth, what do you like best about the character of Jacquelyn? Well, the character herself... absolutely nothing! laughs But I have to admit I absolutely loved dressing up. Her gowns are so insanely fancy - the wardrobe designers have done an amazing job! And the jewelry and hairstyles and everything is just... stunning. Plus, who doesn't like doing tons of photoshoots? hehe... you'll see anot…

Wealthy Hearts Finale Party - DNA Style!

 - julie's pov -
"Welcome to the Wealthy Hearts Finale Party - DNA Style! I'm your host, Juliette Albright, and this is your cohost and official interviewer, Miss Madelon McCormick."
I waved to my sister Madi, and she spoke.
"We're so excited that you're going to virtually join as us we celebrate the amazing and awesome photostory series Wealthy Hearts from AGDollAwesome!"
I interrupted her and piped in, "We have a tea table in honor of the customary tea times of the time period that the series is set in - complete with those dainty little tea sandwich things and teacakes," Madi then continued for me.
"We have this awesome poster that we're all going to get our picture with and then we'll do something special with it in the end." I grinned, knowing what it was.
"We're also going to have a review of the entire series - by me!" I proudly announced.
"And, we're going to have a very special livestream with...."
We both said the next part together.
"The Wealthy Hearts cast!"
Ready to get started? Well, let's go!

Our party consists of seven dolls - Josefina Montoya, Elizabeth Cole, Amelia Sorrenson, Samantha Parkington, Katie Kittredge, Madelon McCormick, and myself! I'll be narrating for a little while, until Madi takes over for the DNA interviews.
First up, the tea table. 

We have an ornate tea set here, with golden accents and a lovely serving tray - all courtesy of our tea loving gal, Amelia.

These lovely little teacakes (a.k.a. cupcakes) are made and delicately frosted by our baking specialist, Josefina.

We also have fresh fruit available and, ahem, we used to have cookies before Katie appeared on scene. But of course, that doesn't sound very professional.
Samantha was willing to pour tea for us...

This gorgeous décor was made by Light4theLord - a satiny red backdrop and a white lace accent.
Now, onto my personal favorite part..... vote for YOUR favorite outfit! I'll add the details of each one... and you vote for which one is the most Wealthy Hearts-ish!
Plus, the photos were taken in front of the amazing and awesome poster!
Katie Kittredge, age eleven.
I stepped up to Katie as Madi snapped shots of everything.
"Katie, thanks so much for coming to this party! Are you excited to see the finale part - as a special bonus to this party?"
"We're seeing the finale part?" Katie seemed surprised. I sighed.
"Yes, Samantha has given us special permission to see it before everyone else."
"COOL!" she squealed. I rolled my eyes.
"Tell us a little bit about your outfit," I prompted.

"Uh, well..." Katie stammered. "Besides the fact that it's pink and purple - does that count - I also decided to wear this hairbow. It looked kinda 1912ish."
"I'll have to give you that. We'll let everyone vote."
"It's not like I care! I'm just really excited about the cookies."
"Katie!" I exclaimed, exasperated. She grinned mischievously.

Next up, Amelia Sorrenson (sorry for the weird lighting - that's what you get when you have a party.... inside...)!
"I love your dress, Amy!" I commented as I approached beside Madi as Amy posed beside the poster.
"Thanks, it's my favorite. I know what you're going to ask, and I have no idea how this relates to Wealthy Hearts. I just liked it. And it looked nice and fancy." Amy smiled bashfully as she finished this announcement in her clipped British accent.
"Well, I like it anyways. Thanks!" I called after her as our next guest came to have her photo taken.

"Samantha, your dress is gorgeous!"
"Thank you," she said quietly.
"So.... would you mind telling us about your dress?"

"It's actually made from a pattern that was modeled after 1914 girls' styles."
"Wow," I gaped. "Yeah, I think that's pretty Wealthy Heartish."

(sorry for the random picture... give Madi a camera and she takes a million pictures of everything)

"Elizabeth!" I waved her over and she proceeded to have her picture taken by the poster.

"Don't worry," she informed me. "I'm not competing in the 'dress as Wealthy-Heartish as possible'. I just thought this looked nice."
"I think so too," I complimented her. "And your French twist hairstyle is really pretty!"
"Thank you!"

And now it's my turn. I'll just tell you guys about my outfit.
First of all, this entire outfit could've been worn in 1912.

Plus, the overlay netting has.... you guessed it, hearts!
My hair is also done in a European (okay, fine, French) twist!

Madi is wearing a heart necklace. Ta-da. :D
And Josie said she's not competing either, so just ignore this party, okay?
~ madi's pov ~
Hey guys! I'm so excited to writing this part of the online party post - you're seeing everything as it is!
I was given the awesome part of interviewing the Dolls N' All family and getting their thoughts on the amazing Wealthy Hearts series! We'll end with Julie, who will give you a full review of the entire series - including the finale part that Samantha generously allowed us to view as part of our party here!
I'm so thankful that I'm able to be part of this celebration, though I am a little sad that it's coming to an end. :( But we still have a lot of fun left tonight, so don't leave! Let's get started!

"Hey Josie," I approached the oldest of our family. "How's the sandwich?" I motioned to the tiny little tea sandwich she was holding.

"It's great," she smiled as she said it.
"Thanks, I made them," I grinned too.
"I know," she gave a little laugh. "That's why I'm so surprised!"
I pretended to be hurt, and then continued with my professional interview.
"What did you think of the Wealthy Hearts photostory series?" I placed the question on the table, open for answers.

"Well, I really enjoyed it. My favorite part was the last one, and if I didn't know that I'd be spoiling it, I'd quote the last line which was my very favorite line in the entire series - so much truth in it! The dresses were very well made, and the actresses all appeared to be enjoying themselves!"
"I agree," I commented. "I loved that line too, though I have to admit that my favorite part was the incredible photography."
"Of course, that too," she smiled.

The next sister I caught was Amy, who was sipping tea.
"Hello Amy!" I greeted her.
"Cheers!" she lifted her teacup with her right hand.

(Her saucer was so pretty I just had to get feature it)
"Amy, what did you like about Wealthy Hearts?"

"I loved all of it!" she exclaimed. I knew she would. "I absolutely adored the dresses - they were so lucky that they got to wear those gorgeous ones!"
"Which one was your favorite?" I prompted.
"Well, I loved that turquoise one that Lavinia wore in part 3 - it was so pretty and sparkly!"

"But I also really liked Lavinia and Elizabeth's dresses in part 5 - Elizabeth's was pink! Pink!" Amelia's excited was contagious.
"I agree, that one was really pretty. But Lavinia's was very graceful and elegant in that part as well," I pointed out. Amy nodded and continued.

"Those three dresses in part 4 were to die for..." Amy mused. "It's too hard to choose! I like all of them!"
I laughed and asked one more question, "How authentic were their accents?"
"They were perfect! Well, almost perfect. Beatrice's was the best." Amelia confessed. I knew she'd be an expert on that.

I then went to Elizabeth, who also was wearing a shimmery dress (like me!).
"Hi Elizabeth!"
"Hey Madi," she greeted me politely.
"What was your favorite part about Wealthy Hearts?" I asked.
"Hmmm..." she thought for a moment. "I liked her horse,"
That's Elly, alright. Thinking about horses, even at a fancy finale party.

"Who was your favorite character?" I inquired.
"Oh, I liked the girl that Amelia played - Elizabeth. We share a name, and her dresses were always very pretty - plus, her hair is lovely!" Elly gushed.
I agreed.
Katie and Samantha were the next girls I encountered.
"Samantha, Katie!" I approached them. "How's the cupcake?"

"It's really good," Samantha laughed and held it up. It was pink. *dies*
"I need to go find one of those after I'm done with this interview," I mused. We all giggled.
"You both have at least one thing in your outfit that is related to Wealthy Hearts - what is it?" I questioned. "Plus, which part of Wealthy Hearts was your favorite?"

"My Wealthy Hearts accessory is this bow. It's frilly. I don't like it very much. But I must say it looks somewhat 1912ish, eh?" Katie wrinkled her nose. She would much rather prefer ponytails and shorts.
I stifled a laugh.
"My favorite part was the first one. The others were too mushy. But I liked how she was daring and adventurous and rode a horse astride.... though I do that every week, so I guess it's not that terribly special."
Of course. That's Katie for you.

"My Wealthy Hearts accessory is this pearl necklace that Elizabeth let me borrow. I thought it looked rather elegant." Samantha told me in her gentle and quiet way.
"Which part was your favorite?" I prompted.
 "I liked the fifth part because of the good writing. It had the best dialogue."

I noticed the cookie in Katie's hand.... of course. :)
And now..
"Julie, have at it! It's all yours - take it away!"
- julie's pov -

Welcome to the Wealthy Hearts Photostory Series Full Review! I'm going to be tell you all about it - but if you want to read it for yourself (which I highly recommend), click here! 

The first part was pretty good. The scenery was great, and the extra props were incredible!
Paisley Parker, who played Lavinia, the protagonist, did a fantastic job of riding the horse - especially when she had to ride sidesaddle for several minutes!
The first part left us with the shocking news that her sister was getting married....
In the second part, we meet a Miss Elizabeth Grantham. The writing was fantabulous, and Amelia, who played Elizabeth, dramatically portrayed the character's grief wonderfully. Also in this part, we met the handsome William Rochester.
Part four consists of the time when they dance.....
And part 5, the latest part, is when Lavinia.... leaves William.
WHAT?! Yes, she refused his invitation to go to the ball.....
what will happen now?

You're going to have to wait and see. Right now, I'm going to do a summary review!
First of all, the plot was fantastic! Josie thought parts were too mushy, but they were so romantic! *gushes*
The dresses - so super fancy and gorgeous! I loved them!

The finale was so satisfactory. *sighs* But I'm so sad it's over!
Every part about Wealthy Hearts was fantastic! I loved it!

Wealthy Hearts had amazing and beautiful actresses, and the writer was incredible!

For this....
I give five hearts!
{bonus pics}
#pink #chocolate #perfect

Now for one last part before...... the livestream interview with the Wealthy Hearts cast (from one side of the continent to the other!) and *drumroll please* the FINALE! It's only ONE HOUR AWAY! Are you excited? Well, you'd better be - you'll love it!

We each took turns signing little notes on the poster to save - what we each liked and our favorite parts.
{interview with cast coming soon with complete link to Madi's MBM interview post}

 12:00 EST
 11:00 CST
10:00 MST
9:00 PST


  1. Awesome! I am so excited. Elizabeth's outfit is DEFINITELY the best! She looks great in green.

  2. YAY! GO WH! Thank you so much for hosting this, it means a lot to me. <3 You are such a good internet friend! Your post was flawless, I loved all the food, and the outfits are to die for! You are such a great photographer, I know I've said that a million times over, but I mean it!

    1. YESS! You're totally welcome, I enjoyed it! :) It's fun having internet friends! Thank you!

  3. Great post ! I love the dresses also ! I bet this post took a while to write . ( I'm guessing )

    1. Thank you! It did take a pretty long time... :D You guessed right!


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