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Secrets & Scandals: Sneak Peek #1

And it's Light4theLord here today, ready to give a few more secrets away on my newest project that was announced in the Looking Ahead post! Essentially, you're getting a promo photoshoot in here as well, so enjoy.

Allow me to introduce to you one of our stars of this upcoming show. Welcome Elly Cole as she plays the co-starring role of... Her highness...

Princess Jacquelyn Sophania Carales of the fair but torn land of Nuvoria. I have Miss Elizabeth here today for a few questions about her new role - and make sure to ask questions in the comments for the stopmotion interview!
Elizabeth, what do you like best about the character of Jacquelyn? Well, the character herself... absolutely nothing! laughs But I have to admit I absolutely loved dressing up. Her gowns are so insanely fancy - the wardrobe designers have done an amazing job! And the jewelry and hairstyles and everything is just... stunning. Plus, who doesn't like doing tons of photoshoots? hehe... you'll see anot…

You've Been Chipped!

This is for AGDollAwesome's Photoshoot Competition
Theme: Chipped

That should've given your imagination plenty to feast on. My personal storyline that I had come up with (but it's not supposed to be a photostory, so...) was that the two girls were going to get woodchips for kindling and were 'chipped' by this annoying boy named Chip (corny, I know...) in two ways. :) Anyways, I hope this isn't too late!
~ Light4theLord


  1. I loved reading this post! :D

  2. SO PRETTY!!

    Ahem. XD I LOVE your photos! Your dolls are so cute! And I love their outfits!


    1. Thank you!!! You're always so encouraging! :) I'm a huge pioneer times fan...
      ~ Light4theLord


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