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The Joys of January // Looking Ahead, Issue 1 (VII)

 It's 2018!

*inhales happily* A year of fresh starts. 2017 was pretty good - two new additions to our family, Mia and Kit!
I know this is a 'Looking Ahead', but I want to look back over 2017 briefly and choose my favorite post from each month!

January - The Ice Princess Probably one of my favorite photoshoots EVER.
February - I STILL Love AG And I'm Proud of That
Wow. This one got a LOT of views... and went pretty crazy.
March - Spending a Day in Space
 I loved making this: the foil and improvised spacesuit, the moonsand, the foil landing pad.... the flag... EVERYTHING WAS SO FUN!
April - 6 Tips on How to Be a Doll Celebrity XD XD This one was one of my pet projects. It's like, a sarcastic poke of fun at celebrity stuff.... May - Mia and Star Another photoshoot. How original... June - Adventure in the Attic
This was so much fun to do - it took like, two hours in 100+ degree summer attic weather. *swelters at thought* But it was TOTALLY worth it. :) July - Triple…

Paisley's Guide to Surviving Second Grade V-day - DOTM special

Valentine’s Day is a MESS in 2nd grade!  So I came up with some tips on surviving the worst of times while the horror is being presented to you….

Tip #1-  Your bag

In my class, we get handed out brown paper bags to decorate and put your valentines in.  But the thing about this is that at the end of the day, the bottom just blows up.  
Boom, Kerplooee.
All your precious cards and candy will fall out all over the sidewalk as your walking home from school, and it’s absolutely horrific.  
You need a card from one of your peers.  Preferably a cardstock one, but a paper one will do.  Just fold up a piece of wide ruled paper, and stick about 3 cards in one of the folds to reinforce it.  Then, push it on the bottom of your bag, and you are set!

Tip #2- Candy TIMING

The thing is, there is no way your teacher is going to let 30 something second graders eat 50 something pieces of fun dip.  Absolutely no way.  So the key is timing.
You need to be sneaky as a ninja.  Stuff a small pocket of your backpack FULL of candy.  You need almost 20 pieces in there,  Follow the rules, and when your teacher says you can eat 2 pieces, eat 2 pieces.  Just eat 2 pieces PER minute.  If you explain this to your teacher, she will most likely be a tad angry, but... The candy in your backpack can be consumed at home…

Tip #3-handing out valentines

There is an art to correctly handing out your valentines to your fellow students.
To prevent ridicule from boys and friends who like to tease you, just hand everything out the EXACT same way.
Just grab, smack.  Grab smack.   Grab from the bag, smack on the desk.  Grab, smack!

I hope everyone enjoyed my infinite second grade wisdom, be sure to leave a comment, and I hope you got lots of fun dip and chocolate on Valentine’s day!


  1. I like the idea of reinforcing the bottom of the bag.

  2. You are funny Paisley !


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