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Secrets & Scandals: Sneak Peek #1

And it's Light4theLord here today, ready to give a few more secrets away on my newest project that was announced in the Looking Ahead post! Essentially, you're getting a promo photoshoot in here as well, so enjoy.

Allow me to introduce to you one of our stars of this upcoming show. Welcome Elly Cole as she plays the co-starring role of... Her highness...

Princess Jacquelyn Sophania Carales of the fair but torn land of Nuvoria. I have Miss Elizabeth here today for a few questions about her new role - and make sure to ask questions in the comments for the stopmotion interview!
Elizabeth, what do you like best about the character of Jacquelyn? Well, the character herself... absolutely nothing! laughs But I have to admit I absolutely loved dressing up. Her gowns are so insanely fancy - the wardrobe designers have done an amazing job! And the jewelry and hairstyles and everything is just... stunning. Plus, who doesn't like doing tons of photoshoots? hehe... you'll see anot…

Fashion Friday: Melody the Mini Model

Hi there! I'm Melody. I'm the only AG mini doll around here, so Madi, Sam, Katie, Elly, Julie, and Josie have a lot of fun with me. Amy has her own MA doll. I belong to the six AG doll here at DNA and Madi said she wanted to try her hand at doll photography. Here goes!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Outfit consists of:
- halter dress
- beanie
- 'meet' shoes

I really like my new dress. Julie made it for me a couple days ago.

Plus, my favorite (and only) turquoise shoes add great color!


Wanna know how Julie made my oufit?

My amazing halter dress was made from a fantastic tutorial from Gracie at Smile and Craft AG.

It's actually more of a variation of the halter top. And my adorable beanie hat (that keeps falling off) is a mini version of the hat day of the sockathon.

I like my new dress.

Do you like my hair? Light4theLord told Madi to tell Madison (I was going to say L4TL told Madi to tell Madi, but that might be a bit confusing. I meant my Madi to the Madison of DWOD) that she did my hair. Twice.

Me N' my adorable shoes!

Anyways, Light4theLord wants Madison to know that she did my hair twice: once in a bun, and once in pony tails. I like my hair down though.

Ahem. Madi? (my Madi) This is an almost identical copy of the above picture.

*Madi from off camera, "Sorry!"*

And me. Again.
I like modeling. And I love my new dress!
~ Mini Melody
P.S. Wanna know what else I'm called besides Mini Melody? The list includes Mini M, Mel, MiMe (Mi-ni Me-lody)...


  1. Mini Melody is adorable! These are some really cute photos. I love MiMe's dress! 😍💜


    1. Thanks! I had fun taking them (and hacking L4TL's account)! Julie did a great job!
      ~ Madi

  2. Ooooo! Melody! I love your new dress to! Very nice pictures Madi!
    ~ Charlie

  3. L4TL, I nominated you for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers award! You can see more info here
    Oh, and I LOVE Melody's dress!

    1. Thank you so much Natalie! I'm excited! It was fun to make!

    2. You're totally welcome! You have such an awesome and inspiring blog!

  4. Aww! This is a really cute photoshoot! You're a great photographer! :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm encouraged by your comments!
      ~ Madi


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