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Dolls N' All Rewards!

Yes indeed! For the first time that I have witnessed, a doll blog has it's own rewards program! I'm very, very excited about this program, and I hope you are too! In my excitement about this program release, I'll try not to repeat myself or become too confusing. If I do, just ask me any questions in the comments below! HOW IT WORKS: You, as a valued and amazing reader of Dolls N' All, can now sign up (instructions below) to join the Dolls N' All Rewards program. You'll earn points doing various things (point earning list below) such as following or subscribing to Dolls N' All, sharing a favorite post, commenting, etc. Fixed point amounts will go along with each action. Also, on special days such as 'National Doll Day' or our blogiversary, or possibly Christmas, we'll distribute 'point gifts'. DOTMs will receive a special amount of points as well. Once you hit certain amounts of points, you'll receive 'Reward Credits' which yo…

Fashion Friday: Hollywood Hairstyles, #2

I think I'm beginning to favor Fashion Fridays as hairstyling opportunities! Anyways, aren't you proud that I'm actually posting it on time? I'm so happy!
Okay, so here is Fashion Friday: Hollywood Hairstyles, #2 (BTW, there'll be another one, #3 once I upload the pictures!)
Hairstyle #1: Double Twist
Modeled on Kathleen Kittredge

I twisted a strand from each side and looped it off with a hairthing. Then, over the tail of the first one, I did the same thing again and then clipped it down with a barrette.

Hairstyle #2: French Twisty Thingy with a Bun at the Top Using a Mini Jaw Clip
Modeled on Elizabeth Cole

Label is self-explanatory.

Still, cute!

Hairstyle #3: French Braided Bun
Modeled on Elizabeth Cole... AGAIN!

It's awesome- she's a great doll to do hair because her hair is just the right length for just about everything.
Just do two French braids and turn them into a bun afterwards! Super simple and pretty cute! (other than the fact that I did this while multi-tasking {not really multi-tasking just paying attention to something else} and didn't worry about the hairthings)

Hairstyle #4: Braided Headband
Modeled on Josefina Montoya

This is a Dutch Braid started behind her left ear, but I only add strands from the hairline.

I really dislike this because the lighting makes her look grayheaded. Which she's not, in case you were wondering.

Hairstyle #5: Half-Up Fishtail
Modeled by Elizabeth Cole
I first saw this on Loren's Blog, Happy House of AG, and it was on Maryellen (Ellie). I curled Elizabeth's hair- I was so excited when I did it with just a hairbrush and my finger- and then did the half up! Actually, I think that was in reverse order. Anyways...

Hairstyle #6: Four-Strand Braid
Modeled on Elizabeth Cole
A variation of the braid, except you weave four strands.

Hairstyle #7: Ponytail Veil
Modeled on Elizabeth Cole (the reigning hairstyling model favorite, I'll explain)
WARNING: the next nine pictures are of Elizabeth. Let's just say I was bored, and the camera and doll in the car equals lots of pictures and hairstyles. That's the kind of math I like!
camera + doll+ boredom + in the car = lots of pictures 

I had just gone to the AG store and seen all these gorgeous curly haired dolls, making me want them but I had just prayed about being content with the dolls I have and guess what? I get back in the car with my dolls and it just so happens that her hair curls!

Enough with the rambling- This is the ponytail veil, very simple but pretty! It's just three strands divided into two, and then into one. (Oh no! I'm doing math and I don't even have to! School hasn't even started...)

Don't you love these curls?

More beautiful curls (and that's NOT what I wore to the AG store, in case you were wondering...)

Do you like her dress? I made in like, five minutes! It's a baby dress with the top cut off!

That one, beautiful, lovely, awesome, gorgeous curl...

Finally- we got to the pool only to be attacked by mosquitoes! I still managed to get a few, though not as many as I wanted! (that also explains the crazy and awesome leggings)

So long for today! I hope I didn't bore you with all these pictures of hair! See you next week for Camp Dolls N' All!


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