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The Joys of January // Looking Ahead, Issue 1 (VII)

 It's 2018!

*inhales happily* A year of fresh starts. 2017 was pretty good - two new additions to our family, Mia and Kit!
I know this is a 'Looking Ahead', but I want to look back over 2017 briefly and choose my favorite post from each month!

January - The Ice Princess Probably one of my favorite photoshoots EVER.
February - I STILL Love AG And I'm Proud of That
Wow. This one got a LOT of views... and went pretty crazy.
March - Spending a Day in Space
 I loved making this: the foil and improvised spacesuit, the moonsand, the foil landing pad.... the flag... EVERYTHING WAS SO FUN!
April - 6 Tips on How to Be a Doll Celebrity XD XD This one was one of my pet projects. It's like, a sarcastic poke of fun at celebrity stuff.... May - Mia and Star Another photoshoot. How original... June - Adventure in the Attic
This was so much fun to do - it took like, two hours in 100+ degree summer attic weather. *swelters at thought* But it was TOTALLY worth it. :) July - Triple…

Fashion Friday: Dolls N' All Makeover!

It's another Dolls N' All Salon Makeover!

Featuring Samantha and Josie- the first two dolls of my collection! (and my sister's, of course, since Josie is hers) Beware- I did undress the dolls for these pictures. I learned about this technique from my cousin, and she used it on Noelle first! Anyways, here we go! I'll also share the recipe on what I used on the two dolls that haven't been cleaned in nearly six-eight years...
What you will need:
A doll in need of a makeover
A towel (don't you love the monkey?!?!)
Baking soda (the magic makeover powder! :D )
A spray bottle of water
A soft cloth

First, I undressed Samantha and laid her on the towel.

Dump a bit of the baking soda onto the cloth (not too much!) and rub it in to make it into a fine powder on the cloh.

Spritz the legs with water, and only water. DO NOT GET THE CLOTH WET. Though I'm almost halfway positive it wouldn't do too much damage for just a spritz, but still- be VERY CAREFUL if trying this.

This is before...

And her arm. I know the pictures don't depict much but they were COVERED in grime... and I mean, covered.

And after! I think that she looks WAY better after the cleaning. Actually, only the left leg in this picture has been cleaned so though it's kinda hard to see, the right one is much worse.

This is only part of the grime I got off!

And a total after! She looked like a new doll when I was done!

Her right arm before...

and her left arm before..

Her face before (sorry about the lighting)

and after!

When you do the doll's face, be EXTREMELY careful at this point not getting any baking soda or water in her eyes. You might have to pick out leftover baking soda residue out of her mouth. Yeah, I know...
After! Doesn't she look great?!

Her face looked much better too!

Her arm after...

And a bit closer of the legs..
And now for her hair!

Personally, since her hair is a bit shorter, and it's used, I don't normally play with her hair as much but after this...

I gently sprayed the ends with water and brushed it out with a WIRE brush.

Here's her school picture!

And her hair in a double-dutch braid that meets in the middle!

I really like this hairstyle on her!

From the side! You can tell that her face looks a lot better too!
On to Josie:


Her legs were really marked up.

Here's the other leg too...

Before- you can still see all the grime, marks, and scuffs. See what almost ten years does to her?!?!?

Her arm also had scuffs- sorry about the lighting!

Before (sorry she doesn't have clothes, but it's easiest that way- and with their hair up!)

Before (it's already spritz so it's a bit shiny)

After! It looks so smooth and clean!!! I'm so happy with her results! (Though, quote 'She looks pasty!' from one of my siblings)

Her arm before...

and after! It's amazing the difference! you can still see some baking soda granules and some of the scuffs on her arm, but it's much better in my opinion!
I hope you liked this post! I know it wasn't technically 'Fashion' but it's on Friday, and Julie convinced the girls to go in to the Dolls N' All before school started!
I'm super excited about having 3,000 views! Will you help me get to 5,000? I'm going to post a celebratory '3,000' project soon!
Oh, and I also need your help:
I might be going on a road trip through a whole bunch of states and I'm only allowed to take along two dolls! (Yes, a tragedy!) I can't figure out who I am going to take!
I know I'm going to end up taking Katie because she's never gone on a long trip with me before (Elizabeth and Sam have tons of time!). I'm starting to lean towards taking Elly and Katie (my sister said she'd take Julie along) but I don't want to leave Sam out. :( Even though I've taken her everywhere since I was 6.. well, almost everywhere!
I need your help deciding! If I do end up taking Katie and Elly, I'd probably leave Samantha and Amy with my cousin so she could doll-sit them (hear that, L?)!
Let me know what you think!


  1. Your dolls look amazing after the makeover! I think you should take whichever doll you really, really want to. Have fun on your road trip!! :D

  2. I will keep 1 or 2 for u . If I need to . L


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