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Dolls N' All Rewards!

Yes indeed! For the first time that I have witnessed, a doll blog has it's own rewards program! I'm very, very excited about this program, and I hope you are too! In my excitement about this program release, I'll try not to repeat myself or become too confusing. If I do, just ask me any questions in the comments below! HOW IT WORKS: You, as a valued and amazing reader of Dolls N' All, can now sign up (instructions below) to join the Dolls N' All Rewards program. You'll earn points doing various things (point earning list below) such as following or subscribing to Dolls N' All, sharing a favorite post, commenting, etc. Fixed point amounts will go along with each action. Also, on special days such as 'National Doll Day' or our blogiversary, or possibly Christmas, we'll distribute 'point gifts'. DOTMs will receive a special amount of points as well. Once you hit certain amounts of points, you'll receive 'Reward Credits' which yo…

Meet Samantha Parker!

Meet Samantha Parker!

Samantha is a young poet and writer, a blossoming author that loves academics and reading. She'd spend all day just daydreaming about a new series of books about her favorite character, or sketching out plans for a new chapter or post.
Full name: Samantha Helena Parker
Age: 11 (last May 26th!)
Hobbies: writing, reading, dreaming

Fun Fact: I have my own flower garden. Oh, and Katie and I are only a few days apart! And we're sisters forever! Yippeeee! #mynewbestfriend


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