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Jumping into June // Looking Ahead, Issue 2

It's summer! *cheers* Hey ya'll! It's Light4theLord here. Since I'm homeschooled, I just got finished with that dreaded America - whoops, sorry. Can't tell you, or you might know what grade I'm in.. or not. Mwhahaha. Some of you will understand this. :) Anyways, it's SUMMER! Do you know what that means?! Well, on Dolls N' All, it means.... just a second. There's a doll that's begging for something. Okay, fine, fine, Madi. Just.. leave me alone. I want to write this part. Yes, Madi, I will let you write the next part. Just let go of me, okay? I promise! Madi wants to tell you guys some stuff too. I promised her I'd let her, so.... *reluctant sigh* Here's it off to Madi. ************************************* 'Ello, awesome readers! Guess what we all get to do this summer? We get to do lots of stuff. Wanna guess? Oh wait a second. I'm supposed to be doing the DOTM part, aren't I? Light4theLord in the distance, "YES! Just …

What's in a Name?

Wow! Round five already- and a page especially for this!
Three people entered- which is now the new minimum! Once three or more people comment with an answer, I'll try to do the next round.
Our last doll was Molly Jean McIntire! Great job to all the entries!
Now for our next doll, which is the first GOTY featured in WIAN!
This one should be pretty easy- it's in the books, ya'll!
What is her name?
Nickname (or name she goes by):
Buzzaboutag: 2
A Doll's Life: 2
Hope Harman-Potteiger: 3
AnonymousA: 3
Sandy Scherer (L): 3
Grace (The Girl Upstairs): 11

Name this doll!
Trivia: She's the first GOTY to have a movie made about her!


  1. All I remember is that her name is Chrissa Maxwell. I don't remember her middle or nickname.

  2. (Also, I am following you but it's anonymous because my blogger profile was being annoying. :/)

    1. Thanks for following me! I totally understand about the profiles being annoying- it happens all the time. :D

  3. I've never done this before... I'm going to start now! :D
    I don't know her middle name, but her first and last names are Chrissa Maxwell. That's all I know! LOL. :P

  4. Chissa Maria Maxwell is her full name L

  5. First: Chrissa
    Middle: Marie
    Last: Maxwell
    Nickname (or name she goes by): Chrissa


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