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Applaud for April // Looking Ahead, Issue 4 (VII)

*is way too tired to actually write this post so you get to read this little blurb about how lazy I am instead and pretend you just read a huge post about how awesome april is. you may applaud at any time* Nah, just kidding. I'm tired. Yes. BUT NEVER TOO TIRED FOR BLOGGING (hahahha suuuuure) or procrastinating.. like I've been doing for the past three days.. *cough cough* ********************************************************* HAAAAAAAAAPPY EASTER! Christ is risen! While you go hunting eggs or *cough cough* eating chocolate malted eggs (like the ones in the below picture - did you know those were actual chocolates? Or did I tell y'all in that post? XD I should read my old archives sometime. *cringes* But I remember so much about each photoshoot... this blog is so full of memories for me! ), remember that Christ died and rose again - for you! Do you have any special Easter plans to celebrate Resurrection Day? Well, whatever you do, you should definitely check out …


'Ello there!

Dolls N' All finally has a blog button! Actually, we have two so pick and choose your favorite! Let us know down in the comments below so that we can swap buttons!

Awesome Blogs Include....


  1. Replies
    1. I'd love to! I'll go grab your button right now. :)

    2. Hi, Light4theLord!
      I just changed my button. Would you mind updating it? You can find my new button here:

  2. Would you like to swap buttons?


    1. I'd be happy to! I'm going to grab your button right now!

    2. Thanks! I will put your up now. :)

  3. Hey, Light4TheLord! I've made a new blog button. Would you mind updating it? :)

    1. Call it as good as done! Oh wait. It is done. XD

  4. I added yours! Wanna swap?



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