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The Joys of January // Looking Ahead, Issue 1 (VII)

 It's 2018!

*inhales happily* A year of fresh starts. 2017 was pretty good - two new additions to our family, Mia and Kit!
I know this is a 'Looking Ahead', but I want to look back over 2017 briefly and choose my favorite post from each month!

January - The Ice Princess Probably one of my favorite photoshoots EVER.
February - I STILL Love AG And I'm Proud of That
Wow. This one got a LOT of views... and went pretty crazy.
March - Spending a Day in Space
 I loved making this: the foil and improvised spacesuit, the moonsand, the foil landing pad.... the flag... EVERYTHING WAS SO FUN!
April - 6 Tips on How to Be a Doll Celebrity XD XD This one was one of my pet projects. It's like, a sarcastic poke of fun at celebrity stuff.... May - Mia and Star Another photoshoot. How original... June - Adventure in the Attic
This was so much fun to do - it took like, two hours in 100+ degree summer attic weather. *swelters at thought* But it was TOTALLY worth it. :) July - Triple…

Fashion Notes Review ~ A DOTM Post ~


Greetings, oh magnificent wonderous people of the kingdom of DNA!
Nah, that sounds too fancy.
It's Jules here, your DOTM! And ignore the weird lighting. Madi is testing all this strange background stuff.

You see, we (as a family) got this AWESOME set from Noelle for Christmas. And thus, I was given the honor of reviewing it! Let's jump right in!
The set includes:
- 1 sweater
- 1 skirt
- 1 headband
- 1 pair of tights
- 1 pair of shoes
- 1 trumpet (coolio!)
- 2 music sheets

^ my favorite piece ^
Ready to see it on a model?


Okay, honestly... I feel kinda silly wearing tennis shoes with tights and a skirt. It's just not my style. But I love each of these pieces individually because they have
 A W E S O M E 
Just for fun, I'm going to mix and match some stuff from my wardrobe and come up with some adorable outfits. Let's get started!
For this outfit, I used the skirt, tights*, a sweetheart top, and some ballet slippers.
*bold indicates that the piece is from the Fashion Notes set

I love this skirt, it's so adorable!

The shoes and tights go really well with it and this would be the perfect set for any dancer.

- aerial view -

up close shot of gorgeous pink netting on the skirt
I found some super flashy tights in our collection that match the headband pom-pom
p e r f e c t l y.
Like legit, perfect.
Plus, I used the ballet slippers from #1 and a white top.

Isn't this just adorable?

I love how cute the headband is!

- aerial view -
Top from #2 + jeggings + tennis shoes
super sporty look
Of course, this one definitely needs more color. A cute bow or choker would look super cute.

The shoes aren't what I normally wear, but they're pretty cute (and made of plastic)!
Last one ya'll.
And it is da
B E S T.

Check that sweater out! Isn't it just GORGEOUS?! I ♥ ♥ ♥ it! Sparkly gold with intertwining shimmery silver threads and pink rhinestones!

up close on the B E S T sweater E V E R
I was gonna skip the rest of the review. But, to make it complete, I've been told to do so. *gags* This is gonna be bad.
Very bad
Extremely bad.
I have never touched a trumpet in my life, and after this I don't plan to ever again.

*trumpet screeches*
*glass shatters in distance*
well, looks like we should uh... wrap this up! (and I mean the trumpet. Wrap it up and store it far far away.)
Last uh, two things.

I don't read music. I seriously don't. But uh... it's pretty! *sounds out words* It appears to be Bah-lad by F. Chop-in.

No seriously, it's really pretty. It'd be great d├ęcor.
That's it, all you beauties!
Tell me what your FAVORITE piece in the whole set was, and hurry up and comment it!
(also, I've been told - as official news bearer of DNA - that we'll be doing DOTM posts on Sundays and our regulars on Wednesday! See you Wednesday!)


  1. *oohs and ahhs over awesomely cool doll stuff*
    All the outfits are so pretty on you! :) As for my favorite piece, I'm definitely going with the trumpet. Despite you blaring on it and literally making made me jump five feet into the air - I could hear it through the screen.

    1. *models it for you so you can ooh and ah even more*
      Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!!
      *ugh* NOT DA TRUMPET.
      stinkin' trumpet.

      WOW! I SHOULD GO FOR BAND! *gagsssssssss* neeeever.

  2. I love how you used the pieces to create new outfits. I'm with you, tennis shoes with skirt and tights can be strange if it's not your style.

    1. Thanks! It was so much fun - I LOVE doing this!
      Eh, definitely. Like, why wear tennis shoes if you're in a skirt?! And tennis shoes with tights?! (you might be able to tell this is one of my fashion pet peeves!)

  3. Cute! I like the skirt. AWESOME trumpet playing Julie! Jk. It actually hurt my ears. ;)

    1. Thanks! I do to - it's soooo pretty!
      ha. ha. ha. *rolls eyes* I WILL NEVER LIVE THIS DOWN.

  4. *jaw drops* THE SWEATER. IS. MIND. BLOWING.

  5. Oh my GOSH, that last part made me laugh out loud. With food in my mouth. XDDD glass shattering in the distance as she says hehe... I'M DYING. XDDD

    And oh my GOSH, that sweater is ASDFGASDJKJGHKJL AMAZING! It looks awesome on Julie!



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