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Join Us For July // Looking Ahead, Issue 3

Guess what's happening this month? Wait. You already know, eh? HAPPY TWO YEAR BLOGIVERSARY DOLLS N' ALL! Actually, our blogiversary is the wonderful, amazing, incredible, fantabulous, marvelific day of... July 18! But since it's our two-year blogiversary, and we want to make this absolutely huge.... it's going to be a month-long celebration! No kidding. Are you ready for a little sneak peek of what's going to be happening? - posting every single day of July And these aren't going to just be quick little posts... they're going to be full length, best quality, featured posts - the entire month! I'm already getting excited. Want to know some of the content before hand? Yesss! This little pet project that several of you have been dying to find out about. Hint: the secret page at the top right-hand corner of the pages tab...the one with the password.... Dolls N' All Academy! How can you get into the DNA Academy? Well, let's look at part of our nex…

Patriotic Parade - The Doll Way!

Welcome to the 1st Annual Patriotic Parade!
 Let's begin by welcoming our parade starters, Katie Kittredge and Samantha Parkington from Dolls N' All!

Let the July Fourth Celebration begin!

Our ribbon twirler, horseback rider.. Katie Kittredge on..

Diamond Beauty!

Even the animals in this parade are patriotically dressed up with ribbons and.. leis?
What a lovely flag, designed and written by Julie and Josie's guardian!

Samantha, our parade banner holder, is sporting a large blue bow - how pretty!
What else does this parade have to offer? Samantha's about to tell us!
"Dolls N' All presents... the history of America - through each century!"
And right behind Samantha...
...selfie-taking Juliette Albright, representing the.... age!

#selfie #patrioticparade

Such a lovely teacup!

Miss Mia, dressed in 1914 style complete with..

the hairbow!

In true pioneer style, Madi McCormick rides on Star in a calico print dress - straight from the 1800s!

What a nice touch, riding and waving to the crowd!
As Madi begins riding past, we see something behind her.

And guess what Star is pulling?

Such a patriotic float! What does it hold? The next two centuries!
In 1776 colonial style, Elizabeth Cole!

The year of independence! Did you know that America is 241 years old today?
She certainly needs that fan! It's hot today!

Oh, her curls!

Right behind her, on the same float, is Kitrina - the pilgrim!

Oh, and of course, she's sitting on Plymouth Rock!
Wait a second... French braids?

What a lovely little finish!
As the float moves along, we see the entire Dolls N' All section.

What's that in the background? The Well!

Smart move, Josie, smart move.
Ice cream... oooh... now THAT'S a great business!
Chocolate and vanilla, perfection!
Delicious, especially on such a stifling hot day!
I'm pretty sure business will be booming as soon as Katie turns the corner and gets off Beauty. :)
Speaking of which, Katie is totally showing off - no hands, no tack. She's waving her ribbon wand proudly, waving here and there.

{light streaks!}

She's about to turn the corner, and..

Sam gives the flag another wave...

In one fluid and quick movement, we see Katie's sporty side...
Beauty breaks into a smooth canter, carrying Katie carefully around the corner as they disappear.
Great job, Beauty!

With a last flourish of her baton, Katie waves goodbye!

Kit, the last Dolls N' All doll to be seen, shyly waves goodbye from her seat on Plymouth Rock.
Next in the parade line, we have Emily, Samantha, Lucy, and Felicity - all proud patriotic parade marchers in their red, white, and blue attire! Thanks to ThePolkaDotPatriot for joining us this July Fourth!
Right behind them comes Cho, from Dreams for American Dolls, doing some last minute bike decorating to create a starry display!
And that concludes our patriotic parade!
A little extra: As soon as the parade was over, Katie ran over to 'The Well'.

"Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!" Katie squealed.

"Say please!"
"Puh-lease... now hurry up!"
Happy July Fourth!


  1. What an amazing idea! I loved dolls dressed from different time periods! Awesome job!

  2. This is really neat!
    Sorry I didn't send in pictures. I had pictures taken but I lost my uploading/charging cord for my phone and didn't have enough battery to email them to myself either. :(

    1. Thanks! Oh no, I hate it when that happens - I've done that before myself. Hopefully I'll do it again next year, so maybe you can participate in that!

  3. This is so cute! You did such a great job and I'm glad a few of my dolls were able to join in on the fun. :-)

    1. Thank you, I had fun! And thank YOU for sending in the pics! I loved them!

  4. Very nicely done! I'm sorry we didn't get in on the fun. Looks like everyone had a blast!
    Happy belated Independence Day!

    1. Thank you! I wish you could've done it - it was very fun! Happy belated Independence Day to you as well!

  5. These pictures are wonderful! I think you did a very good job planning and preparing this post. You are such a creative girl!


    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun, and I enjoyed seeing the pictures that were sent in! Thank you!

  6. Wow, you are just the most creative person ever. You are so inspiring! This post was AH-MAZING! I can't wait to enter my dolls next year, and I'm so sad that I didn't get a chance this year! (I was on vacation, I'm sooo sorry!) It would have been so cool to be featured on this wonderful blog!

    1. Thank you! I love coming up with stuff to do with my dolls! Aw, thank you! Me too. :( Hopefully next year!!!


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