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Join Us For July // Looking Ahead, Issue 3

Guess what's happening this month? Wait. You already know, eh? HAPPY TWO YEAR BLOGIVERSARY DOLLS N' ALL! Actually, our blogiversary is the wonderful, amazing, incredible, fantabulous, marvelific day of... July 18! But since it's our two-year blogiversary, and we want to make this absolutely huge.... it's going to be a month-long celebration! No kidding. Are you ready for a little sneak peek of what's going to be happening? - posting every single day of July And these aren't going to just be quick little posts... they're going to be full length, best quality, featured posts - the entire month! I'm already getting excited. Want to know some of the content before hand? Yesss! This little pet project that several of you have been dying to find out about. Hint: the secret page at the top right-hand corner of the pages tab...the one with the password.... Dolls N' All Academy! How can you get into the DNA Academy? Well, let's look at part of our nex…

Soccer - A Photoshoot ~ June DOTM ~

​Today I went outside to play soccer with my friend Kayla. Natalie took some pictures, and they came out super cute!

Here I am running for the ball...

Getting ready to play.


More pictures that I don't have captions for...

​''I'm open, I'm open!''

​Lonely little ball, all alone in the grass...

​NOT FOR LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

​(L4TL is always sharing picture of her little sister, so here is one of Natalie's little sis-isn't she ADORABLE???)

​I don't know what this pose is supposed to be, so don't ask!

​Another picture of Kayla-her Mom was calling her so she had to go.

Meanwhile, Natalie had made a chain of Violets, and she  let me wear it. I think it was too girly though. Star soccer players DO NOT wear flowers! Nuh-uh!



  1. HI! Nice post! I decided to tag two of your dolls for the sisters tag! Check out my blog to see which two I picked! Congrats!

    1. I'm glad you liked it!

  2. I love this post ! Check out my youtube channel it's called LilyNoelle ! I will might have a new video up later today !


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