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The Eggs-pedition, Starring Katie and Samantha

~ An Easter Special ~
On Easter afternoon, April 16, 2017, Katie and Samantha went to hunt eggs.

Both had special new baskets that ended up holding LOTS of eggs...

~ some bonus pics ~

Don't you love this picture?

Now may the hunt begin!
Samantha and Katie each set out to find three special eggs for their baskets....

Samantha's first one was found in a little hole.

A pretty, purple egg!

That makes one!
She nearly missed the next one, hidden in the tall grass.

Thankfully, she didn't step on it.

Two pretty eggs in a lovely little basket!

The third and final egg took a little stretch.

Set just beyond her reach, Samantha had to scramble up onto the ledge below it to reach this pink egg!

Ta-da! Three Easter eggs in Samantha's new Easter basket!

Katie's POV

Ah, perfect, I said to myself... at least that's what I thought before I had to reach into the thorny bush for my first egg - a pretty sky blue one.

My new woven basket was already filled with the Easter grass (a.k.a. shreds of paper) but was lacking in pastel colored eggs. I was bound to fix that problem.

That makes one!

As I strolled past the flower beds, I spotted something pink that didn't exactly belong.

You guess it, another egg!

This time, it was a pale pink egg!


One more egg and my basket will be complete!

The final, camouflaged, green egg was hidden in the foliage of this tree. I triumphantly climbed up it.

Yes, that's me. In a tree. Wearing a dress.


Voila! My Easter basket full of pretty eggs!

The two almost-twelve-year-old girls!


 Here we have the lovely baskets!
Happy Easter! Christ is Risen!
~ Light4theLord & the dolls


  1. Amazing post! :D Happy Easter, He is risen indeed!

  2. It is hard but fun. To climb a tree in dress that is. Amazing picture!
    ~ Taryn

  3. Super cute pictures! I actually did step on a egg while hunting for them this year. xD

    Christ has risen indeed! Hallelujah!


    1. Thanks! Poor egg.... :D
      ~ Light4theLord

  4. Great story. Cute photos. I really like the girls' dresses; the colors are lovely.

    1. Thanks! My grandmother made them for me and my sister, and my sister pretty much lets me use all of her stuff. :D ~ L4TL


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