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My Wonderful, Awesome, Really Great Birthday!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Madi's 13th Birthday Party

I had the BEST birthday EVER. Lucy, McKenna, Mia, Isabelle, Grace and their guardians came!
The party started at 2. Before then, Light4theLord's brother made some really. really. good cheesecake.

On the schedule was decorating cookies for the goody bags! Aren't these colors amazing?

And what's a party without Rolos?!

These are the goody bags for the dolls - chocolate bars and tissue paper flowers!

And then, the girl version. Of course, theirs were much bigger. Obviously.

This is horrible lighting, but if you can tell aside from the glare, a long strip of silver paper was taped to the wall, framed with crepe paper, and had curly ribbon dangling!

Yes, I'm FINALLY thirteen!

Light4theLord had made these little poster dangling things from the catalog, and then I later turned them into thank you notes!
THE DECORATIONS! It was so much fun (you can see the little dangly picture) - curly ribbon, crepe paper, everything!

Meet Lucy! Sarah brought Lucy, and we met for the first time ever!

I. love. her. hair.

Say hi to Isabelle! She has braces too, and I adore her top - it's a dancer, of course.

Her hair is that pretty silky color. I wish mine was!

This is McKenna, Ella's doll! Ella plays basketball..
Katie loved her outfit, of course!

And of course, Noelle came in this pretty outfit!

And Mia! She has on that really gorgeous top that I've always loved (ah...).

Haha, this is Light4theLord's little sister, waiting for the cake. *snickers* How adorable is that?!

All of the goody bags all lined up!

And all the guests! Thanks you guys, for coming!


Lucy, Mia, Grace, and Elly..

And of course, one of the cookies. :D
I got a whole carton of ice cream to myself!

Oh, and as a sneak peek to what I got for my birthday.... someone else enjoyed it too! Reviews, coming soon!
Thanks for reading these tiny parts of my birthday, and though I wish I could've gotten it up earlier, I'm glad I did get it on! I've loved being the DOTM and I'm planning on a recap tomorrow, along with the results of the next DOTM. Thanks again for being a DNA reader!


  1. Your birthday party looks so fun, Madi! What cute decorations L4TL made! And your finally 13! ;) Can't wait for the upcoming posts!


    1. Thanks so much, Katie! She did a great job, I think! :) Yes, finally! I've got them started, so look forward to it!
      ~ Madi

  2. I KNOW WHAT IT IS I KNOW WHAT IT IS I KNOW WHAT *claps hand over mouth*

    Ahem. I can't wait for the reviews on what you got, Madi! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! I loved looking at all of the photos! They are so amazing! I LOVE this one:

    What doll is Lucy?

    Happy birthday again, Madi! Did you get sick after eating a whole entire carton of ice cream to yourself? LOL!


    1. Ah, yes.... :) You do! :D She's really pretty, isn't she?! Actually, I'll confess. I've been trying to figure that out for about two weeks. I mean, seriously, I could go to the website and I keep meaning to, but *hehe* I keep forgetting to too... :D
      Sick? Me? Uh, yeah. But still, it was worth it (and I happen to know that there's another carton in the freezer. I'm just hoping Katie doesn't find out. :D )
      ~ Madi

  3. Cool! Looks like a great birthday! Happy belated birthday!

  4. Your welcome ! It was very fun !


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