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Jumping into June // Looking Ahead, Issue 2

It's summer! *cheers* Hey ya'll! It's Light4theLord here. Since I'm homeschooled, I just got finished with that dreaded America - whoops, sorry. Can't tell you, or you might know what grade I'm in.. or not. Mwhahaha. Some of you will understand this. :) Anyways, it's SUMMER! Do you know what that means?! Well, on Dolls N' All, it means.... just a second. There's a doll that's begging for something. Okay, fine, fine, Madi. Just.. leave me alone. I want to write this part. Yes, Madi, I will let you write the next part. Just let go of me, okay? I promise! Madi wants to tell you guys some stuff too. I promised her I'd let her, so.... *reluctant sigh* Here's it off to Madi. ************************************* 'Ello, awesome readers! Guess what we all get to do this summer? We get to do lots of stuff. Wanna guess? Oh wait a second. I'm supposed to be doing the DOTM part, aren't I? Light4theLord in the distance, "YES! Just …

Happy 2017!

Can you believe it's already 2017? Everyone over here at Dolls N' All is excited about all that we've got planned for this year! Our two-year blogeversary, a week of prizes, sneak peeks, photostories series, a photoshoot goal- hey, wait! Why am I spoiling all the surprises?! Well.....
I guess I'd better start, it IS the New Year after all! We're hoping to make this the best year Dolls N' All has ever had (that'll be easy!) but we'll need you, dear readers, to help us! There will be polls, surveys, and posts that YOU will help us decide about!
Last year was great too!
We went on a few trips,

had our first blogeversary (that we completely forgot about),
 our first award (on our blogeversary without knowing it!),

and our first collaboration with Madison!
Now, I must go and consult with the dolls on which surprise we should tell you about first! See you in a few hours!


  1. I can't believe I didn't see this post! My WordPress reader has been missing a few of your posts. Grr. Anyway, I LOVE that first picture! Your dolls look so cute and beautiful! 2016 has been such an awesome year and I am SO excited for 2017!


    1. Thanks! I took your advice and took a family picture! Same here, I hope 2017 is a great year for you as well!
      ~ Light4theLord

  2. The dolls look so cute in those pics. !


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