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Jumping into June // Looking Ahead, Issue 2

It's summer! *cheers* Hey ya'll! It's Light4theLord here. Since I'm homeschooled, I just got finished with that dreaded America - whoops, sorry. Can't tell you, or you might know what grade I'm in.. or not. Mwhahaha. Some of you will understand this. :) Anyways, it's SUMMER! Do you know what that means?! Well, on Dolls N' All, it means.... just a second. There's a doll that's begging for something. Okay, fine, fine, Madi. Just.. leave me alone. I want to write this part. Yes, Madi, I will let you write the next part. Just let go of me, okay? I promise! Madi wants to tell you guys some stuff too. I promised her I'd let her, so.... *reluctant sigh* Here's it off to Madi. ************************************* 'Ello, awesome readers! Guess what we all get to do this summer? We get to do lots of stuff. Wanna guess? Oh wait a second. I'm supposed to be doing the DOTM part, aren't I? Light4theLord in the distance, "YES! Just …

The Christmas Celebration, part 3

Christmas Morning, Katie's POV

Josie invited me and Elizabeth to make cookies with her for when we opened presents. I'm not too good of a baker, but she is, so I figured it'd be okay.

She let us use her special cookies cutters that she had gotten this morning, and L4TL gave us some others to use too!

The three of us sat around a pan with the gingerbread dough (yum!), cookie cutters, and flour! You can be sure I snitched.

That's my ball.... which increasingly got smaller and not because I was cutting out cookies. Hey, our recipe doesn't have eggs!

But I did cut out a few. Josie did the most because she mastered it down to a fine art!

Hurrah for cookies!

L4TL's brother found the smallest bake-able pan in the house for us. Isn't that nice?

Josie expertly rolled hers out every time and didn't waste any.... though eating it isn't wasting it. No wonder I got a stomachache...

All those little gingerbread people!
Elly borrowed some gingerbread man earrings from L4TL's mom and hung them on her dress which she won from a giveaway that we'll soon post about!

"Aren't these cute?" Elizabeth held up one of the gingerbread cookie cutters. "I wonder where Light4theLord got them."

"I thinks she got them at Hobby Lobby in a little set." Josie commented, holding up hers.

Once we finally extinguished the dough, we had almost a whole pan!


Alright, little gingerbread men, have a nice baking journey! Josie's going to go put you in so HURRY UP AND COOK! (Can you tell I'm excited?!)

* * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * ** * * *
Are you looking forward to the next part? I think there's going to be two more parts and I'm determined to get them up before the end of the year! Oh, and a HUGE thank you to my little brother who actually cut out twice as many cookies as I did. *sheepishly looks at the ground* Thanks, little bro! Only two more days 'til 2017 people! I have TONS of 2017 surprises including............. a giveaway.
But of course, you wouldn't want to know about that so I'll just have to tell you some other stuff sometime, like my post about the giveaway that I won, and the new DOTM feature!
~ Light4theLord


  1. The little Gingerbread men are adorable! :) I can't wait to hear about the surprises coming up in 2017!

    1. Thanks! I thought you might like those!! I can't wait to share them with you!
      ~ Light4theLord

  2. Great post! And it made my day to see the dress I sent you!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad! I'm going to do a post in a little while about the stuff you sent me!


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