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The Joys of January // Looking Ahead, Issue 1 (VII)

 It's 2018!

*inhales happily* A year of fresh starts. 2017 was pretty good - two new additions to our family, Mia and Kit!
I know this is a 'Looking Ahead', but I want to look back over 2017 briefly and choose my favorite post from each month!

January - The Ice Princess Probably one of my favorite photoshoots EVER.
February - I STILL Love AG And I'm Proud of That
Wow. This one got a LOT of views... and went pretty crazy.
March - Spending a Day in Space
 I loved making this: the foil and improvised spacesuit, the moonsand, the foil landing pad.... the flag... EVERYTHING WAS SO FUN!
April - 6 Tips on How to Be a Doll Celebrity XD XD This one was one of my pet projects. It's like, a sarcastic poke of fun at celebrity stuff.... May - Mia and Star Another photoshoot. How original... June - Adventure in the Attic
This was so much fun to do - it took like, two hours in 100+ degree summer attic weather. *swelters at thought* But it was TOTALLY worth it. :) July - Triple…

The Ultimate Hide and Seek

It was a beautiful, Florida, sunny, vacation day. The dolls seemed bored.. so I (L4TL) asked them to do something I could take pictures of. Of course, Katie decided for everyone and I give you...


First though, I have to show you something that will aid in not confusing you later on in the story.
It's a four wall bedroom. This shows two walls- on the left wall behind the photographer is a huge closet, and on the right wall is a really big dresser and a TV we never used.

This should help in not getting confused during the chase!
Josie was relaxing in the windowsill, just looking outside where it was nice and hot and sunny.

"Let's play something," Katie suggested hopefully.
"Nah..." Elly replied.

"Well, we need to do something! Light4theLord told us to. Remember, obey authority?"

"Oh, so you're going to force us into playing your favorite.... the Ultimate Hide and Seek?"

"Yeah, totally!" Katie jumped up. "Go Ultimate Hide and Seek!"
Elly caught the excitement and hopped up. "1,2,3, not it!" she declared.
"Not it!" Katie yelled.
"Oh, fine." Josie slid off the windowsill and started counting.
*Now told in Katie's POV*

Let me explain the rules (that I made up):
1. No 'self- defense' allowed (I didn't make that one up, but L4TL put it in after I nearly knocked Julie out with a roundhouse kick)
2. The seeker counts to 200.
3. Hide everywhere.
Okay, I'll explain the rest of the rules as we go along.

"Hurry up!" I hissed to Elizabeth. She had begged me to help her, and so I did.

She hoisted herself into the drawer where I buried her in shorts and t-shirts.

I, on the other hand, don't care if I get caught so long as it's fun, daring, and includes a good chase! I jumped off the springy pillow that had been conveniently placed there...

I grabbed the ironing table bar, thankful for my gymnastics training, pulled out my bungee cord and rubber band stash, created a makeshift zipline out of a hanger and...


Until I had a nice soft landing running into L4TL's outfits. I hope I didn't mess any up. Oh well!

And then I just boosted myself up onto the closet shelf!
*Now told in Josie's POV*

"178, 179, 180.."

"197, 198, 199, 200!"

"Ready or not, here I come!" I called. This would be fun. Katie always found great, dangerous places to hide, and Elly was good at camouflaging or hiding under stuff.

I checked under the bed first- only a backpack and some shoes, I think.

I gingerly (in a semi-ninja pose) walked down the aisle between the two beds, headed for the nightstand.

Climbing that was easy, especially with lessons from Katie.

I rolled onto the top and nearly hit the lamp, but it didn't fall or break, thankfully.

My favorite, called... pillow diving!

Umph. Hey, I like these pillows... wait- Josie, get yourself back on track.

I checked behind all the pillows before returning to the nightstand.

I jumped off the edge and onto the bed closest to the closet and door.

No sisters here...

So I slid off the bed carefully,

hoping to land on my feet (which I did!).

I peeked into the closet.
This seemed like a place for Katie- cases, bars, hangers. I'd seen what she'd done before, so I knew what to expect. That's what older sisters do!
*Now told in Katie's POV*

I waited until I heard Josie open the closet door before making my escape. I love cutting things close- escapes, time...

Flumph. Feather shaggy pillows. I love those things!

"I see you!" Josie cried as I made a run for the other side of the closet.

She ran, chasing me, but I had a good head start and I was a fast runner.

I raced down the pathway between the bed and closet.

Josie paused at the door, trying to figure out if I had gone around, under, or over.

I leaned against the bed for a minute, deciding if I should jump onto the bed or make an easy run for it.

 Nah, why make it easy for me? I like challenges.

Josie came running up beside the bed, quietly though so that I couldn't hear her.

"Please don't find me yet," I whispered, my eyes tightly closed and listening hard.

"Oh, Ka-tie!" Josie called. I was ready to run, but this had to be timed just right.

I heard her jump up onto the bed, obviously looking for me.

A tiny giggle escaped me. I was going to make it.

I slid under the second bed just in time but watched Josie from underneath.

Josie quickly scanned the area.
"Fooled." she muttered.

She slid off the bed again, landing hard.

Josie rolled over, towards the second bed by the windows.

I hastily did the death crawl and made it out the other side, just in time...

for here came Josie.

In a split- second decision, I leaped up onto the bed, up up and away!

I was poised, ready, excited, eager.

As Josie climbed out the other side...

I made a flying leap over her head.

"Whoa!" Josie cried as I landed right in front of her. She jumped up, and so did I. It was a race... to the finish.

Josie headed for me, running.

Would I make it? Would she tag me?
"Ugh!" "Umph!" "Owwwwwww!" "Youch."
Josie tackled me with a jump just before I hit base.

"I won," Josie laughed, breathing hard. I sat up, fresh as a cucumber (or so I thought).
"Yeah, but I made it easy for you. I could've won if I didn't want a good chase."

"Easy?! You call that EASY?!" she tackled me again.

Soon we were both laughing and tickling each other.

My hairclips were nearly out, and my hair was a mess.
"You know you still have to find Elly," I reminded her.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know!" Josie pushed herself up and headed for the dresser.
*Now told in Josie's POV*
The long dresser full of drawers... and Elly could be in just about any of them, she was so tiny and the drawers were so big. I remembered L4TL saying that if she brought her entire closet, it would only use up half of the space!

I reached for the handle, yanked it open, glanced inside and seeing only t-shirts and shorts, I slammed it back.
(see, nothing but clothes - no sisters here!)

I fell backwards when I slammed it in and landed on my back.
"Ouch." I said to no one in particular.

I started climbing up the next drawer.

I hoisted one leg over to dig through everything.
*Now told in Elizabeth's POV*
As Josie rummaged through L4TL's sister's (remind me to apologize about that) drawer, I climbed out of my hiding place.

I swung over the top of the drawer,

 and catapulted off.

Katie was cheering me on the whole time.

"Whoa," I mumbled as I slammed to the ground, the breath knocked out of me.

Josie's head swiveled and she gaped as she saw me fall.

"I'm gonna get you!" she called.

She scaled the drawer handles quicker than ever, racing for me.

Her foot didn't slip a single time as she jumped from the last step.

I scrambled to my feet and ran as though my feet were on fire.

"Hiya!" I yelled, throwing myself at Katie, knocking us both down, but I landed in the corner. Josie just stood above us with amusement and disdain clearly on her countenance.

"I still made it!" I laughed and high-fived Katie.

"Very close..." Josefina mischievously lunged for me and there started another tickle war.

Soon we were all giggling again, but Katie was the first to suggest it.

"Let's play again!" she exclaimed.

"Most absolutely not," Elizabeth retorted. "Let's save that for another day."
Thankfully, Katie agreed.
"Besdies," she added. "I think that might be enough pictures."
* *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  *
How was it? :) I had fun with these- the first morning we were in Florida I realized what beautiful lighting there was! I couldn't wait to grab my dolls and set them up! I had a blast doing this- I think this has got to be the best inside photography that I've ever done (I didn't edit a single picture!)! I know I've been posting more frequently- I have so many pictures that I want to share, and so whenever they upload, I just post! I don't like sticking to a schedule. :D
~ Light4theLord


  1. Oh man! That was so good! I love the pictures!How do you close the doll's eyes? I still haven't figured that out!
    ~ Taryn

    1. Thank you! It was wonderful lighting (a doll photographer's dream!) You take part of their eyelashes and tuck it into the eye socket while they're laying down and then stand them up... it took me a couple tries! (sounds really weird, but it works!)

  2. Seriously? Ok that does sound really weird but, I'll give it a try! Thanks!
    ~ Taryn

    1. Yup! Let me know how it turns out!
      ~ Light4theLord

  3. This was quite interesting and exciting. Great post! :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Thank you! It was really fun to pose the dolls and write the storyline!


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