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Secrets & Scandals: Sneak Peek #1

And it's Light4theLord here today, ready to give a few more secrets away on my newest project that was announced in the Looking Ahead post! Essentially, you're getting a promo photoshoot in here as well, so enjoy.

Allow me to introduce to you one of our stars of this upcoming show. Welcome Elly Cole as she plays the co-starring role of... Her highness...

Princess Jacquelyn Sophania Carales of the fair but torn land of Nuvoria. I have Miss Elizabeth here today for a few questions about her new role - and make sure to ask questions in the comments for the stopmotion interview!
Elizabeth, what do you like best about the character of Jacquelyn? Well, the character herself... absolutely nothing! laughs But I have to admit I absolutely loved dressing up. Her gowns are so insanely fancy - the wardrobe designers have done an amazing job! And the jewelry and hairstyles and everything is just... stunning. Plus, who doesn't like doing tons of photoshoots? hehe... you'll see anot…

What?! ~A Photostory~

It was a nice, peaceful afternoon.

~L4TL's POV (Which, technically, is mine. So I'm using first person!)~
The three oldest girls were in their section, and Katie had come over because Amy was busy with her dolls and Samantha was working on a story, hence the sign Samantha held up that read, 'Do not bother me, I'm in the middle of writing'. I need one of those. I, with the camera of course, stooped by the door, knocked quickly and dropped a package in front of it before hiding behind a corner.
Katie's POV 
Sam was being quite grouchy. She wouldn't do ANYTHING with me! And of course, Amy was busy doing something with her dolls, so I went over to the older girls' room to see if they wanted to do something. Elly and I chatted for a while, until we heard a knock on L4TL's (actually, we call her by her real name, but here we have to use her username) bedroom door, and then a thunk (< was that a run on sentence? Sam would have my head for that.).

"I'll get it!" I yelled, ready for something to do besides... talk. Don't get me wrong, I love talking! But... after a while it gets boring, especially if it doesn't concern things I like. So I crossed the wide gap of the bedroom from our rooms to the door.

When I opened the door, a package was laying on the floor.
"Wonder who that's from.." I mused, seeing the address label: 'The Dolls'

I sat down in the middle of the bedroom floor, since I knew L4TL wouldn't mind.
"You guys, you guys! Come quick, there's a surprise out here!" I knew that would get most of their attentions.
For the most part, I was right. Of course, I did get some, 'Just a minute!' replies, but my sisters all hurried to the scene.

"What is it, Katie?" Elly was eager to find out.

Jules studied the package curiously, hovering over it like a bee and... well, whatever bees hover over.
"Open it, Katie!" Josie urged, still wearing the outfit from the feature in the Dolls N' All magazine. "We're all dying to find out," Amy added.

I slowly un-taped it and lifted the lid slowly.
As I cracked open the box, a shiny white star looked out at me. I gasped.

"She's beautiful!" I exclaimed, turning the box for everyone to see. Inside was an American Girl package, and inside of that was the newest AG doll: Melody Ellison.

"But there's no note!" I declared, searching the box inside and out.

Julie took her turn, holding Melody in her hands gently. "She's precious..."

"Melody's so sweet!" Amy whispered, her blue eyes shining. "But where did she come from?"
As soon as I stepped into the room, all the dolls looked up at me.
"Is she from you?" "Thank you, thank you!" I quieted them and gathered them in a semi-circle around me.

"First of all, she's not from me." All the girls wore puzzled looks. "She's from AmericanGirlDollCrafter, you know, from DollDays. That's why I wouldn't let you guys on our blog before this and kept you busy with the magazine. I wanted it to be a surprise."

"Thank you, American Girl Doll Crafter!" Katie exclaimed.
"I also have another surprise." I announced, lugging a suitcase and placing it in the middle. "And Amy, let Sam have a turn."

"When, where, why, who?!" Katie cried.
"If it's the beach, I'm not terribly interested." Julie murmured. I smiled. Julie wasn't the one to be very interested in getting a tan, at least not in the fall. She'd much rather go in the 'normal season'. Of course, I could sympathize- lovebugs. Those things are so annoying!

"Who is going? Where are we going? Why are we going? When are we going?" Katie said eagerly and excitedly.
"Well, I already talked to Amy and Sam, and neither of them wanted to go,"

Amy shook her head.
"I don't like sand." she commented.
"How can you not like sand?!?" Elly burst out. Amy shrugged.
"I want to finish some things I'm writing, and start on another idea for a book. It'll be nice and peaceful. Plus, L4TL already gave me the stuff I need for the winter edition of the Dolls N' All Magazine, plus a kit for a surprise!" Samantha said mischievously. 
"Am I going?" Josefina said dreamily, I was sure she was thinking of the beach too.
"Yes, Josie, you and Katie will be going, and Elly of course!" I announced. "We'll be headed to the beach, and we leave this coming week! Which... means that I won't be posting next week. Sam, you can start some posts, but please don't do anything without my permission. You know how to email me though, right?" Samantha nodded.

"Oh, and another surprise. I'll be carrying the camera around nearly the whole time (except in the water) both to document our trip and.... to shoot some scenes for the upcoming photostory series, in which you, Katie, star."

"Yes, you," I grinned. I placed the stack of books in the middle on top of the suitcase. "Josefina will be Serena, and Katie- you're Lucy."

"Really and truly?" Josie inquired. I nodded. Her face glowed, and I knew she was excited as well.
"I still want to be in it, even if I don't want to go to the beach! We have a sandbox, you know!" Julie protested. Yes, I thought, but there's cars and Playmobil  people in it.

"There are eight of these books!" Julie turned to me.
"I know. That means eight seasons!" I replied.

Katie and Elly embraced tightly.
"I'm so excited!" Katie squealed. "My first trip as an adopted doll!"

Amy went over and whispered to Julie, and Samantha joined them. I knew what it was about, but I had to make sure that Katie and Elly didn't find out.

Two huddles- and the two blondes were getting curious. I sent Josie over to intercept.

"What are they talking about?" Elly said curiously.
"It's a surprise- besides, shouldn't we go pack?" Josie led the girls away, leaving the three huddled safely.
*  * * * *  * *  * * * *  * * * * *  * * * * ** * *

Yes, vacation! That means, though, that I won't be replying to any comments, on my blog or yours. The three girls are coming with me, and I'll let Samantha tell ya'll about the surprise while I keep the others away where they can't see. I'm excited about that too!
Okay, someone needs the computer- so long, farewell!


  1. Aw, I'll miss you! But have so much fun on your vacation!! I'm super excited about the surprise! LOL!

    1. I missed everyone too! I must've skipped over all of these by accident!

  2. Ok I'll email you soon hopefully have fun


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