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Jumping into June // Looking Ahead, Issue 2

It's summer! *cheers* Hey ya'll! It's Light4theLord here. Since I'm homeschooled, I just got finished with that dreaded America - whoops, sorry. Can't tell you, or you might know what grade I'm in.. or not. Mwhahaha. Some of you will understand this. :) Anyways, it's SUMMER! Do you know what that means?! Well, on Dolls N' All, it means.... just a second. There's a doll that's begging for something. Okay, fine, fine, Madi. Just.. leave me alone. I want to write this part. Yes, Madi, I will let you write the next part. Just let go of me, okay? I promise! Madi wants to tell you guys some stuff too. I promised her I'd let her, so.... *reluctant sigh* Here's it off to Madi. ************************************* 'Ello, awesome readers! Guess what we all get to do this summer? We get to do lots of stuff. Wanna guess? Oh wait a second. I'm supposed to be doing the DOTM part, aren't I? Light4theLord in the distance, "YES! Just …

What's in a Name?

And welcome back to 'What's in a Name?' where I post a picture of an American Girl Doll, either archived, GOTY, or Beforever and YOU, my dear fans and game players, get to rack your brains for their full name!

Two months ago, I posted the first edition, and before I announce the 'scores' I'm going to go a bit deeper and turn this into a full-fledged game!

How to Play:
Comment below with what you think (or know) is the full name of the doll in the picture. You can score one point for the first name, two for the first and last name, and three total points for the first, middle, and last name! Plus, a bonus point if you can give her nickname (only if she has one)!
There just might be a giveaway once I exhaust my list of names! But the only way you can enter is by playing this game... the number of points you acquire by the end of the game is how many entries you get! (If I end up having one, there is a very good possibility)
So, GO!
Give this doll's name: first, middle, last, or nickname (or all four)!
Our previous doll's full name (check her out here)
was Samantha Mary Parkington!
The current score for
'What's in a Name?'
 Buzzaboutag (Rutvi):      2                                     
Congratulations to Buzzaboutag for getting two points with the answer, 'Samantha Parkington!'



  1. Thanks for mentioning me! Your blog is so cute!

    1. I'm glad you like it! :) Yours is awesome too- I can't wait for the Dollympics! I've been checking back and I just now realized you went on vacation *facepalm* Still, I'm looking forward to it!

  2. First Name: Margaret
    Last Name: Kittredge
    Nickname: Kit

    I don't know her middle name. LOL!


    1. Great job! You got three of the four right! I'll add you to the list on the next WIAN post! I like your blog, btw!

  3. Your blog is adorable! I can't wait to read your posts. :)
    First name - Margaret
    Middle name - Mildred
    Last name - Kittredge
    Nickname - Kit

    1. Thanks, Grace!
      Great job- you got all of them right! Next WIAN is coming up soon!


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