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Secrets & Scandals: Sneak Peek #1

And it's Light4theLord here today, ready to give a few more secrets away on my newest project that was announced in the Looking Ahead post! Essentially, you're getting a promo photoshoot in here as well, so enjoy.

Allow me to introduce to you one of our stars of this upcoming show. Welcome Elly Cole as she plays the co-starring role of... Her highness...

Princess Jacquelyn Sophania Carales of the fair but torn land of Nuvoria. I have Miss Elizabeth here today for a few questions about her new role - and make sure to ask questions in the comments for the stopmotion interview!
Elizabeth, what do you like best about the character of Jacquelyn? Well, the character herself... absolutely nothing! laughs But I have to admit I absolutely loved dressing up. Her gowns are so insanely fancy - the wardrobe designers have done an amazing job! And the jewelry and hairstyles and everything is just... stunning. Plus, who doesn't like doing tons of photoshoots? hehe... you'll see anot…

Camp Dolls N' All, Day 1, Part 2

Welcome back to the last part of today, Sunday August 7!
* * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * *
And she tacked it up. We went wild with excitement, pushing to see.
Amy got there first.
"Team Panda!" she exclaimed hopping up and down.
With tightly clutched hands, Samantha and Katie walked towards the board.
"We're together!" they shrieked, super pumped.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Noelle's POV, Sunday August 7, 2016
6:34 p.m.
We were at the very back of the group of girls and neither of us could see far enough to read it.
"You go look," Elizabeth whispered.
I threaded my way through the other girls... closer and closer.
Closer and closer I pushed until I could see the board.
I glanced at the board, and then twice, examining the list.

I ran back to Julie and Elizabeth with excitement filling my face.
"Team Koala!" I yelled over the hubbub, grabbing their wrists.
We immediately did a celebratory dance.
Suddenly Josie raised her hands and called, "Everyone, quiet down. Now!"
The room fell silent.

"I'm sure you now know what team you're on, so if Team Panda could please gather on this side of the room and Team Koala on this side of me. Thank you."

* * * * * * *  * * * * * * * * *** * *  * * *
Katie's POV, Sunday, August 7, 2016
Before Josie got out her camera to start shooting us (haha!) Amy used her phone and took a groupie!
"Team Panda, we'll beat those Koalas!" Amy declared.
Josie came over and took some pictures of us.

"Team Panda- GO!" I exclaimed after she was done.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *  * * * * * * *
Julie's POV, Sunday, August 7, 2016
Josie took our pictures after dinner, so it was getting late when it was finally our turn.
In between pictures, I stifled a yawn.
Team Koala now consisted of Elizabeth Cole, Noelle Lancer, and me, Juliette Albright. However, Juliette doesn't fit me personally so everyone just calls me Julie.
"Team Koala Rocks!" I announced after we were done.
"Yeah," Elizabeth yawned. "Rock me to sleep, please."
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Elizabeth's POV, Sunday, August 7, 2016
9:05 p.m.

"Normally I'm not so tired at this time," I explained to Noelle as I brushed out her lovely locks. "But after travelling for a while, it tires me out. And standing in line and all."

"Yeah, really," Julie said from her perch on the blankets.

"It's perfectly fine," Noelle smiled. "I'm really tired too."

Soon we all had our blankets spread out on the floor.
Julie was still brushing her shiny blonde hair and reading to us about a ballet she was going to.
Noelle slipped off her shoes and we all changed into our PJs.
"Did you know," Julie quizzed us. But I was so tired I didn't even hear the rest.
"I'm going to sleep," I told her, snuggling down into my bed.
Noelle stepped beside me, still stylish even in her pajamas.
"Good night, Elly," she said.
She crawled into bed beside me and whispered a silly joke to me. I started giggling, which started up everyone. Soon, Josie came to figure out what was going on.
"Alright, quiet down girls!" she instructed. "Lights out in two minutes." she stood in the doorway, her hand on the light switch.

"Okay," Noelle and I replied in unison.

Julie popped in her retainers and laid the sheet of paper on the floor beside her.

"Good night," she said, pulling the blanket up over herself.

"Good night," I leaned back and drew up the covers.

I fell asleep almost immediately.

Noelle's eyes got heavier and heavier until at last she closed them and went to dreamland.

"Good night," she murmured.

The three of us were sound asleep by nine-thirty.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  * ** *
And tomorrow starts the day of earning points for your team! Comment below on how you followed me and which team you'd like to join!
Team Panda                          Team Koala


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