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Dolls N' All Rewards!

Yes indeed! For the first time that I have witnessed, a doll blog has it's own rewards program! I'm very, very excited about this program, and I hope you are too! In my excitement about this program release, I'll try not to repeat myself or become too confusing. If I do, just ask me any questions in the comments below! HOW IT WORKS: You, as a valued and amazing reader of Dolls N' All, can now sign up (instructions below) to join the Dolls N' All Rewards program. You'll earn points doing various things (point earning list below) such as following or subscribing to Dolls N' All, sharing a favorite post, commenting, etc. Fixed point amounts will go along with each action. Also, on special days such as 'National Doll Day' or our blogiversary, or possibly Christmas, we'll distribute 'point gifts'. DOTMs will receive a special amount of points as well. Once you hit certain amounts of points, you'll receive 'Reward Credits' which yo…

Meet Jess!

Meet Jess McConnell, Girl of the Year 2006! This doll is really pretty, and I love her skirt (wish I had one!) and her story.
Isn't she pretty? I really love the whole tropical look, and this doll is really super unique... I think she's the only GOTY who travels to another country besides Grace Thomas (she travels to Paris).  Admire her bright outfit, and her lovely sandals. I think that she has the Asian face mold and I really love those braids! The only other dolls that I can think of on the spot that come in braids are Kirsten, Molly, and Saige (excluding the braided accents that are on Mia, Grace, Kailey and some others). Next is a close up of Jess' face.

I like this picture because you can really see that Asian mold and that lovely braid. I also like her rather side part instead of the ever always middle part on most dolls!
This below photo is of the illustration for the Jess book. I like it, yet I don't. She looks too old to be in fourth grade (which is normally the grades of most of the characters!) but she might pass for being 11. I still like the parrot, however!
Again, I found a real girl who resembles the featured GOTY. This time, meet screen star Bailee Madison!
Okay, doesn't she look a bit like Jess?!?!?! I love those braids- just like Jess, and her hair is even in a side part! And, ironically, she's wearing orange, Jess' signature color! She doesn't look Asian like Jess, but I love those features. Her eye color is the same, and if you look at the illustration, even her eyebrows look similar! Okay, so maybe I am going a bit overboard... :D She has a petit nose and ears however, like the Jess doll... I really love the similarities of Bailee and Jess!

This is one of her now.

Hope you enjoyed this!


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